Feb 24, 2009

The 14th KONDO CUP Soccer Game Open Class in Shinbashi, Tokyo ( Feb 14, 2009)

The 14th KONDO CUP Soccer Game Open Class sponsored by KONDO Co. Ltd. was carried out at Tamiya Pra-model Factory in Shinbashi, Tokyo on Feb. 14th, 2009.

The Soccer Game of KONDO CUP started on Jun 5, 2006. Almost every 2 month holds games. There are two classes, one is KHR class which KHR-1, 2 and 1HV can attend the games. KHR robots changed 4 and less than 4 high-torque servos also attend the KHR class game. The other class is open class which Robots using just KONDO servo motor can attend the game and using of number of high-torque servo is not limited.
KHR Games were also carried out at RoboSpot in Akihabara on Feb. 15th, 2009.

Seven teams attended the open class. Teams were divided 2 leagues. A-league teams are MANOI-Dan, Trinity, Team-Nicikoudai and Individual member team. B-league teams are Shisenkai, RFC-Bamboo-Bridge, SKY and Nagaranger Kantou-baranch. Each league has a league game and each winner had a final game.

The winner of A-league was Trinity, and B-league was Shisenkai. Trinity team members are Cromkid, Cavalier, Sakura2 and Garu. Shisenkai team members are Shisenkai-1, Shisenkai-2, Shisenkai-3 and Shisenkai-4. The winner was Trinity. The final game videos are as follows:

Final game 1st half:

Final game 2nd half:

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