Apr 8, 2014

Two New B3M-SC Series KONDO Servos, B3M-SC-1040-A and B3M-SC-1170-A were put on the Market (Apr 7, 2014)

KONDO KAGAKU CO. LTD. announced two new B3M-SC series servos,  B3M-SC-1040-A and B3M-SC-1170-A were put on the market on Apr 7, 2014.  SC means using core less motor.    As a B3M-SB series servo, B3M-SB-1040-A has been on the market, SB means using brush less motor.  B3M series has one SB type and 2 SC type servos. 

KONDO also has KRS series 9 servos.  Each new servo is also suitable for KONDO controller such as RCB-4HV, RCB-3HV and KCB-1. Specifications of the new servo are as follows:

Torque maximum (12V): 4.6[Nm](47[kgf・cm])
Speed: 54[rpm](0.18[s/60°]) (non-loading)
Maximum moving angle: 320°
Volt range: 6~12 V
Length: 32×32×51 mm
Weight: 82 g (excluding horn and cable)
Price: Open price

Torque maximum (12V): 7.6[Nm](78[kgf・cm])
Speed: 46[rpm](0.21[s/60°]) (non-loading)
Maximum moving angle: 320°
Volt range: 6~12 V
Length: 32×39.5×51 mm
Weight: 105 g (excluding horn and cable)
Price: Open price

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Apr 4, 2014

The 14th KONDO BATTLE at Galaxcity in Adachi-ku, Tokyo (Mar 29, 2014)

The 14th KONDO BATTLE sponsored by KONDO KAGAKU CO., LTD took place on Mar. 29, 2014 at Galxcity in Adachi-ku, TOKYO.    The 14th KONDO BATTLE was carried out as KHR Class and Open Class.

The regulation of KHR Class was following the 20th ROBO-ONE fight regulation and KONDO CUP body regulation, and Open Class was following the 24th ROBO-ONE fight regulation and body regulation.

Ten KHR Class robots and 13 Open Class robots joined the competition.  KHR Class robots were divided into 2 pre-leagues as A and B.  The 1st and 2nd place robot of each league joined the final tournament.   Open Class 13 robots were divided into 3 pre-leagues as A, B and C. The 1st and 2nd place of each league and the 3rd place of C pre-league joined the final tournament.

The winner of KHR Class Tournament was Azusaburo by Azusa-san and the 2nd place was Rapural by Shirakaze M-san.  The winner of the Open Class was Gargoyle KID by Yoshida familia and the 2nd place was Chromkid by Kupapa-san.

Results are described here.    Videos of eachtournament competition were uploaded to IKETOMU Channel. Tournament videos are as follows;

KHR Class:
Semifinal: Rapural vs Kobis. The winner was Rapural.

Mar 12, 2014

The 19th Robot Survival Game at Mokei-juku, Tokyo (Mar 2, 2014)

The 19th Robot Survival Game took place at Mokei-juku in Tokyo on Mar. 2, 2014.   Seven robots as Denryu (Gons), Fami-Tank (Ninagawa), Stallone-X (Noborizaka), BLACK TIGER L46,  Yabusame (Mota) , CR-Cannon (Yoshida) and TIGER (Nishida) joined the 19th Survival Game.   All robots were controlled by camera system in all battles.

Total 18 Robot Survival Games such as 2 Combat Shooting, 8 Tochka Battle (a new game), 2 Extermination Battle, 1 Fox Hunting, 3 Duel Fight and 2 Battle Royal (Rumble Battle) were carried out in the 19th. Tobby-san uploaded videos of all games.   Sanzai-san also reported the 19th Game in his blog (in Japanese).

Combat Shooting :
Combat shooting is a practice game for training of shoot skill.  Robot moves to the shooting place from the starting point and shoots the target. Robot has to go to the shooting place for easy shooting.  The target was a small can covered with aluminum foil in the 16th.  Shooting of the center place of the target got bonus points.

Combat Shooting: FAMI-TANK ( 29 seconds)

Tochka (Pillbox) Battle:
Tochka (Pillbox) Battle, a new battle is planned for the case of small number of  robots joined the survival games.  Attacker robot moves and shoots the target (flag) in enemy territory. Player of defense team in the territory (in Tochka) shoots attack team robots by mini-gun. The winner is the attacker team shot down the flag within 5 minutes or the tochka team kept the flag for 5 minutes.

Tochka (Pillbox) Battle: BLACK TIGER L46.  The winner was tochka team (1 minute and 33 seconds).

Team Tochka (Pillbox) Battle: CR-Cannon, Yabusame, Stallone-X, Fami-Tank. The winner was robot team (22 seconds).

Feb 25, 2014

DeAGOSTINI Re-Issued `Weekly Robi` with Biped Robot Parts of Robi (Feb 25, 2014)

DeAGOSTINI re-issued weekly magazine, `Weekly Robi` with biped robot parts of Robi on Feb 25th, 2014.  Robi parts are attached every weekly magazine.   Robot will complete with 70 volumes of magazine. The first issue price is 790 yen including tax. Price of the 2nd issue will be 1895 yen excluding tax.

Gingmag also introduced the issue of `Weekly Robi` in English.

Tomotaka Takahashi who is well known as robot creator such as CHROINO, FT, ROPID, EVOLTA etc., designed Robi. 

Control board of Vstone Co., Ltd is used for the robot.   Servo motors of Futaba Corporation are used with 20 axes.  Voice-recognizing board and Human-detect-sensor are also attached.  The weight is 1 kg including battery and the height is 340 mm.

DeAGOSTINI  issued weekly magazine, `Weekly Robi` with biped robot parts of Robi on Oct 30th, 2012 and on Feb 19th,2013 .  DeAGOSTINI also issued weekly magazine, `Weekly ROBO XERO` with robot parts of ROBO XERO on Feb 8th, 2011.  Robot has completed with 70 volumes of magazine on June, 2012 and the details were described in this blog.

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Jan 28, 2014

KCB-4WL, New Wireless LAN Board Complete Version for Hobby Robot from KONDO (Jan 16th, 2014)

KONDO KAGAKU Co. Ltd put a new wireless lan board, KCB-4WL complete version on the Market. The new board, beta version was put on the market last September. The price including all systems is 36,000 yen (excluding tax).

KONDO KAGAKU Co. Ltd opened a new wireless LAN board for hobby robot on Sep 6th, 2013. KCB-4WL is a board for remote controlling robot system with KONDO robot controlling board RCB-3HV or RCB-4HV.   It seems to be useful for such as autonomous robot, multi-legged robot game etc.

KONDO KAGAKU Co. Ltd put KCB-3WL,  previous version of KCB-4WL on the market in 2010.  Details of the KCB-3WL were also described in this blog.

Specifications are as follows;
CPU: ATMEL 32bit ARM9base 400MHz
OS: glibc base Linux
RAM: 64Mbyte
Flash ROM: 64Mbyte
USB2.0 x2 (A type socket)
Size: 59.5 x 46.5 x 17 mm

Set including
Lantronix PremierWaveEN x1
KCB-4WL Interfaceboard x1
Screws for attaching 1 set
Poleantenna 1 set
ZH closscableB x1
Two-way cable x1
Start link cable x1
Sample program attatched

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