Apr 27, 2010

ISAMARO, a new robot kit was put on the market in Japan (April 26, 2010)

Robotama.com put ISAMARO, a new robot kit, on the market on April 26, 2010. ISAMARO was developed by Robotma.com. ISAMARO is also officially recognized robot kit by ROBO-ONE Committee.

ROBO-ONE Light 2nd, sponsored ROBO-ONE Committee, will take place at Institute of Industrial Promotion Kawasaki Hall on May 22th, 2010. ROBO-ONE Light is robot fight tournament for robots on the market, which are officially recognized by ROBO-ONE Committee. Beginner, who got robot from the market and want to attend the ROBO-ONE Tournament, also can attend the competition.

The specifications of ISAMARO are as follows:
Length: 440(H) mm
Weight: 1.670 g
Axis: 19
Servo: KRS-4024SHV with aluminum gear (torque 10.5kg・cm)
Controller: RCB-3HV
Battery: Lipo Battery
Price: 147,000 yen (including tax)

Price of the Starter set: 165,900 yen (including tax)
Robot kit
Gyro-sensor: 2 KRG-4
KRC-2D (Radio receiver and transmitter)

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