Sep 5, 2010

Review of ROBO-ONE 18 in Shibata (Aug 28-29th, 2010)

ROBO-ONE 18th in Shibata, Biped Robot Tournament sponsored ROBO-ONE Committee, took place in Shibata, Niigata Prefecture on Aug 28-29, 2010.  I did not join the competition but collected information and reviewed the 18th ROBO-ONE for myself.

The 1st ROBO-ONE took place in Kawasaki on Feb 2-3, 2002.   In these years, twice tournaments were carried out in a year. One was tournament with winners of the local robot competition and the other was tournament with robots gotten through the preliminary demonstration contest.

The main regulation of the 18th ROBO-ONE was the weight of robot, which was 10 kg or under 10 kg. The body regulation except for body weight was almost the same that of the 17th. Thirty-two robot selected in the preliminary demonstration contest on the first day and the final tournament took place on the second day. Fifty-nine biped robots registered the competiton and 39 robots demonstrated in the preliminary competition.  The results of preliminary contest and final tournament were described in the ROBO-ONE result site.  The prize money in the prelminary contest and  final tournament for the 1st, 2nd  and 3rd place were 500,000 yen, 100,000 yen and 50,000 yen respectively.

The details were also described in Sanzai-san's Blog (in Japanese) and RoboTimes(1), (2).  Videos uploaded by attendants such as andonoblog, atamo21 anbirex94 , RoboTimes were collected as follows;

Preliminary Demonstration Contest
The theme of the prelimary demonstration were public presentation for Shibata and up and down of the slope which angle was opened on the day.  Therefore walking up and down the slope was difficult for all robots except for Garoo.  The 1st place was Omunishibatan, 2nd place was Garoo and 3rd place was Kinopy.

No1. Thunderbolt (60) by Robot Pro-Wrestling Dekinnoka.  Thunderbolt was seeking Nagare-Gold, his old enemy of Robot Pro-wresling Dekinnoka. They are going to fight at the Dekinnoka6 on Sep 25th, 2010.

No33 Kinopy (437) by Oda-san : The 3rd Place.  Kinopy played Shibata's traditional Yasubei-drum.  Because Oda-san was born in Shibata and good at Yasubei-drum.

No35 Frosty (201) by FrostyDesign.  Twice of back flip was carried out.  Frosty is the first robot can back flip.

No39 Robot (729) by Yamada-san.

No41 Garoo (486) by Kumama-san : The 2nd Place.  Garoo could pass the difficulty slope.

No54 Omuni-shibatan (6) by Maeda-san :  The 1st Place.

No59 TOKOTOKOMARU (4) by Amino-san.  TOKOTOKOMARU could move high speed using funs.

Robo-One Tournament with 32 robots.
The winner was Aerobattler Mon☆, the 2nd place was Chromkid, the 3rd place was Neutrino.

The 1st stage, Garoo vs Ryuketsu-kamen.  Ryuketsu-kamen is a new character of Robot Pro-wrestling Dekinnoka6.  Garoo won the match by back drop.

The 1st stage, TOKOTOKOMARU vs Rollingpyrani.  TOKOTOKOMARU moved using jet fun.  The winner was TOKOTOKOMARU.

The 3rd stage, Frosty vs Neutrino.  The winner was neutrino.

Semifinal 1, Chromkid vs Doka-Haruo. The winner was Chromkid.

Semifinal 2, Aerobattler Mon☆ vs Neutrino. The winner was Aerobattler Mon☆

For 3rd place, Doka-Haruo vs Neutrino. The 3rd place was Neutrino.

Final, Aerobattler Mon ☆ vs Chromkid.  The winner was Aerobatttler Mon☆ by Nagu-san

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