Jan 22, 2014

ROBOT JAPAN 7th took place in Tsukiji, Tokyo (Jan 19, 2014)

ROBOT JAPAN 7th took place at Tsukiji-Honganji Buddhist Hall in Tokyo on April 10, 2011.   Robot entertainment, ROBOT JAPAN was sponsored by Mazel Japan, a entertainment planning company managing the Buddhist Hall.

ROBOT JAPN started as ROBOT JAPAN Zero  held on Jan. 9, 2011 and ROBO JAPAN 1st took place on Apr 10, 2011 and then ROBOT JAPAN carried out twice every year.  ROBOT JAPAN 1st (Part1) and (Part2) on Apr. 10, 2011 were describe in this blog.

ROBOT JAPAN 7th had 4 Class, such as Biped Robot Fight Light Class (2 kg or under), Biped Robot Fight Bantam Class (3 kg or under), Robot Dance, Robot Free Style (Short Performance) and Biped Robot Survival Marathon.  The regulation of the competition was described in the web site.

Competitions were shown on `USTREAM ROBOT JAPAN 7th Channel` and videos were keeping in the Channel.  Details were also reported in Sanzai-san's Blog (in Japanese).

Robot Dance Contest
Every kind robot, biped robot and except for biped robot, such as multi-legged robot also can join this class.  Robot plays dancing with the music requested by radio control or autonomus. Dance stage is 3600mm×1800mm.

Four Robots joined the contest were IKUMA, WONDER WOMAN & SPIDERMAN and MENOU.   The 1st place was IKUMA.

Robot Short Performance Contest
Every kind robot, excepr for biped robot also can join this class.  Robot plays a unique short performance by radio control or autonomus.  Stage is 3600mm×1800mm.

Four robots joined the contest. The winner was WONDER WOMAN & BATMAN.

(1)BLACK TIGER L45 by IKETOMU.  Anomalous 5-Legged Robot walks with several style and attacks 2 L bottle equiped with water by head leg.

(2)RKS-1 by Yamaguchi-Jidoukikai. Robot hand autonomously stabbed a ball with sword.

(3)Stallone-X by Robo de Savge. Four-legged robot moves as a dog.

(4)WONDER WOMAN & BATMAN by RND. Kicker Robot kicks a ball autonomously as soccer penaruty kick then Keeper Robot stops the ball autonomously.

Biped Robot Survival Marathon
Robots walk around marathon course. Each robot starts 10 seconds interval. The robot touched or passed by the behind robot was retired. The survived robot was the winner of race.

Five robots joined the race. The winner was Garoo.

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