Jun 16, 2009

The 5th KHR Anniversary at ASAKUSA ROX3 in Tokyo (June 13-14, 2009)

Robot competition, "The 5nd KHR Anniversary" sponsored by KONDO KAGAKU LTD was carried out in ASAKUSA ROX3 on June 13-14th, 2009.

The first biped hobby robot developed by KONDO, KHR 1 was put on the market in June 2004. The 1st KHR Anniversary was carried out in June 2005. The KHR Anniversary has been planning for KHR user, the major regulation of competition is using of KHR based robots. The competitions carried out on June 13th were KHR Fight, Autonomous KHR Fight, Autonomous Beach Flag, Autonomous Beach Flag Jr, and carried out on June 14th was the 16th KONDO CUP ( soccer ).

KHR Fight, the main event of the 5th KHR Anniversary was joined 32 robots. The winner was Superdigar by Hironocchi and the second place was Seiga by Igaa. The final match video, Superdiggar vs Seiga, is as follows;

KHR Autonomous Fight was joined 3 robots. The winner was Isokowalker2-T by Obana and the second place was ANV-3 by SLAN. The final match video, Isokowalker vs ANV-3, is as follows;

Autonomous Beach Flag had student class and expert class. The winner of student class was 0000 by Nihonnkougakuinn Hachioujischool, the second place was Tama2 by Tamatsukuri High School. The winner of expert class was Isokowalker2 by Obana, the second place was Tama2 by Tamatsukuri Kougyo. The best time was 22.91 second by Isokowalker2. The final match video is as follows;

The 16th KONDO CUP had KHR class and open class. The winner team of the KHR class was Nihonkougakuin Hachiouji scholl. The second place was Kanto-branch team.  The winner team of open class was Trinity, the second place was Strikers☆Stars.

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