Sep 8, 2009

'MELISSA Hand Type1', a new type robot hand parts for KRS-4000 series will be put on the market (Sep 8, 2009)

CRAFT HOUSE will put 'MELISSA Hand Type1', a new type robot hand parts, on the market on Sep. 9, 2009. MELISSA is KRS4000 Series Standard Model, just for using KRS-4000 series servo for biped robot produced by KONDO CO. LTD.

The hand could take hold of such light good as a ping-pong ball, pencil etc. The new type hand set is finished goods consisted of hand unit right and left. The set price is 60,000 yen. Servo motor, servo-horn and free-horn are excluded.

The hand is not suitable for fight. It is necessary to attach protector such a glove when robot fights with the hands. It is also necessary to pay attention not receiving a strong shock. A strong shock could break the hands.

The hand Size is 80mm (from the back of the hand to fingertip) x 60mm (width) x 42mm (thickness), fit for robot with about 50 cm height. Servo motor, KRS-4014HV from KONDO KAGAKU is recommended for the hands.

The prototype of ` MELISSA Hand Type1` was developed by Mr. Yoshimura as `God Hand` which was used for his original robot R-Blue. `God Hand` also can be gotten from Craft House by order received. It costs 180,000 yen. The video of `God Hand ` is as follows.

MELISSA is parts set, so robot builder can make another robot using their surplus servo and parts with the kit. The parts of 'MELISSA' for example, body or legs, also get from Hobby Robot site of CRAFT HOUSE.

The detail are also described in Robot Watch.

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