Sep 20, 2009

ROS-3101HV, a new small KONDO servo, put on the market ( Sep 18, 2009 )

ROBOSPOT, KONDO KAGAKU CO. LTD. announced a new small servo, ROS-3101HV ICS Red Version, developed for robot hand, head, and also small size robot, put on the market. The servo will be ship out on Sept. 19th from ROBOSPOT web shop.

Characteristics of the new small servo are as follows:
1)Metal gear wheel is used all gear wheels.
2)As the servo is developed for serial use only, as KRS-2552HV, it is necessary to use RCB-4HV or RCB-3HV, KCB-1 as a control board. It is possible for daisy chain connection of servos to use a forked road cable (No.01132).
3)Original option parts also will be put on the market.

Specifications are as follows:
Torque: 4 .1kg-cm (11.1V)
Speed: 0.10sec/60° (11.1V)
Maximum moving angle: 120°
Length:L29.6×W11.8×H26mm(excluding projection)
Weight: 17 g (including cable)
Cable size: 100mm, servo connected
Attached Parts: servo-horn is excluded
Price: One servo package is 7,980 yen, 10 servos packaged set is 69,720 yen (Taxes are included)

The details are described in ROBOSPOT web site.

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