Sep 6, 2012

ROBO-ONE 21st Biped Robot Fight in Tokyo (Part 3) ROBO-ONE 21st Tournamnt (Sep 2, 2012)

ROBO-ONE 21th sponsored by ROBO-ONE Committee, took place at the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan) in Tokyo on Sep 1st and 2nd, 2012.  ROBO-ONE Light 5th took place on Sep 1st, 4.5m Footrace took place as the preliminary ROBO-ONE Tournament (Light Class, Under 3kg) on Sep 1st and the main event ROBO-ONE 21st Tournament (Light Class, Under 3kg) took place on Sep 2nd.

ROBO-ONE 21st Tournament (Light Class, 3 kg or Under)

Regulations of ROBO-ONE 21st
The major regulation was the weight of robot, which was 3 kg or under 3 kg. Details of the body regulation were same as those of the 20th.

ROBO-ONE 21st was held as the tournament with 48 robots which were one winner of the local robot competitions, champion of ROBO-ONE Light 5th and upper place 46 robots in the preliminary competition, 4.5 m Footrace taken place on Sep. 1st.

The tournament winner was Garoo by Kumama-san, who also got a prize of 5 hundred thousand yen.  Garoo won  the championship for three consecutive ROBO-ONE Tournament.   The 2nd place was Cortejyu-miharus by SHIBAURA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY.  The 3rd place was Reguhorn by Nakayan-san and 4th Place was NagareGold by Kenta-san.   Result of the tournament was here.  

The 21st ROBO-ONE was the 10th anniversary. A memorial exhibition match was carried out before the 3rd place and final match. The exhibition match was hold by two new type ROBO-ONE robots as Haruo 68, flying robot and King Kizer, jumping robot by compressed air. It seems to be necessary for ROBO-ONE robot to innovate.

Videos of 1st, 2nd, 3rd stage, quarterfinal, semifinal, for 3rd place and final matches were uploaded in IKETOMU Channel.    Interesting videos were as follows;

The 1st Stage Matches
The 1st Stage: Ryuketsu-kamen vs Neutrino-NERO
Ryuketsu-kamen is well known to Robot Pro-wrestler.  The winner was Neutrino-NERO

The 1st Stage: Uchiman Z Gold vs Kurenai
Uchiman Z Gold was the champion of the ROBO-ONE Light 5th on Sep 1st.  The winner was Kurenai.

The 2nd Stage Match
The 2nd Stage: Tokotoko-maru vs Jastia
Tokotoko-maru moved to attack using fun system. The winner was jastia.

The 3rd Stage Match
The 3rd Stage: Gergoil-mini vs Reguhorn
The winner was Reguhorn.

The 3rd Stage: Jastia vs Garoo
The winner was Garoo.

Quaterfinal Matches
Quarterfinal-1: Chromkid vs Reguhorn
The winner was Reguhorn.

Quarterfinal-2: Cortejyu-miharusu vs Ekuserion
The winner was Cortejyu-miharusu.

Quarterfinal-3: NagareGold vs Neutrino-BLU
The winner was NagareGold.

Quarterfinal-4: Aerobattler vs Garoo
The winner was Garoo.

Semifinal Matches
Semifinal-1: Reguhorn vs Cortejyu-miharusu
The winner was Corutejyu-miharusu.

Semifinal-2: Garoo vs Nagaregold
The winner was Garoo.

For 3rd Place Match: Reguhorn vs NagareGold
The 3rd place was Reguhorn.

Final Match: Garoo vs Cortejyu-mikarusu
The winner was Garoo. Garoo could keep ROBO-ONE Championship.

ROBO-ONE Light Class (3 kg or Under) of 15th on May 4, 2009 , 17th on March 21, 2011, 19th on Oct 9, 2011 and 20th on March 25, 2012 were also described in this blog.

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