Sep 5, 2012

ROBO-ONE 21st Biped Robot Fight in Tokyo (Part 2) 4.5 m Footrace (Sep 1, 2012)

ROBO-ONE 21st sponsored by ROBO-ONE Committee, took place at the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan) in Tokyo on Sep 1st and 2nd, 2012.    ROBO-ONE Light 5th took place on Sep 1st, 4.5m Footrace took place as the preliminary ROBO-ONE Tournament (Light Class, Under 3kg) on Sep 1st and the main event ROBO-ONE 21st Tournament (Light Class, Under 3kg) took place on Sep 2nd.

Regulations of ROBO-ONE 21st
The major regulation was the weight of robot, which was 3 kg or under 3 kg.  Details of the body regulation were same as those of the 20th. 

ROBO-ONE 21st was held as the tournament with 48 robots which were winners of the local robot competitions, the 5th light and upper 46 place robots in the preliminary competition, 4.5 m Footrace.

4.5 m Footrace

In the last ROBO-ONE 20th, 9 m Footrace was carried out. It was clear that robot were divided into two groups, one was robots could walk the 9 m course within 1 minute and the other was fell down from the course.  All robots walked the course within 1 minute passed the preliminary competition.

Four meters and 50 cm Footrace was carried out as the preliminary competition to select 46 robots and to decide the tournament order.  Upper 46 robots could attend the tournament.  One hundred-four robots joined the preliminary 4.5 m Footrace.

Robots had to walk 4.5 m course with 90 cm width within 30 seconds.   Each robot time record taken 4.5 m walk, or the distance from start point if robot could not walk within 30 seconds, or robot fell down from the course was recorded.

Each robot tried just one time Footrace. The 4.5 m course seemed to be not flat in some parts and the center of the course was pasted sponsor advertise label. Therefore, it was not easy to walk through 4.5 m course for most of robots. A lot of  robots ran out of the course including Frosty, which seemed to be the fastest robot.  The result is here.

The 1st place was automo 05(Go-Wan) 7.78 seconds by holypong-san, the 2nd place was Garoo 11.21 by Kumama-san, the 3rd place was Chromkid 11.35 by Kupapa-san, the 4th place was  Tokotoko-maru 11.46 by Amino-san, the 5th place was Gergoil-mini 11.59 by Yoshida-san, the 6th place was Metallic Fighter 11.96 by Morinaga-san, the 7th place was Frog Food 13.06 by Shibata-san the 8th place was Aerobattler 13.93, the 9th was Corteju-Miharusu 15.71 and BLACK TIGER NEO, my robot was the 10th place, 15.72 seconds.

Just 40 robots could reach the goal within 30 seconds. Upper 10 robots were 15 seconds, the 11th to 16th robots were 20 seconds, 17th to 40th were 30 seconds.

Sanzai-san also reported details of 4.5 m Footrace (in Japanese).

4.5 m Footrace Videos of All Robots Joined ROBO-ONE 21st

At the beginning of 4.5 m Footrace, ROBO-ONE Committee announced Yoshimura-san entered to the ROBO-ONE Hall of Fame. Yoshimura-san is well known to God of ROBO-ONE and designer of KONDO KHR series robots. The first run was New R-Blue, LinkBlueMarkII custom-built by Yoshimura-san. The New R-Blue video is as follows;

Entry No.1~20
No1:R-blue, No2:Afuro, No3:Metalic Fighter, No5:BJ ASURA, No6:Takarobo, No7:Nagare-Gold, No8:Leguhorne, No9:Tokotoko-Maru, No10:Ganbatter, No11:Ryuketsu-kamen, No12:Ryuki ⅡO, No13:Zakyou-Hai, No14:Pi-co, No15:Hosenka, No16:Garoo, No17:Akakaze, No18:Ginkaji, No19:August, No20:Arutemis

Entry No.21~No.40
No21:Gattender, No22:BLACK TIGER NEO, No24:IGNIS.FTX, No26:OfunjabyZ, No27:KingKizer, No28:LINX, No29:Q-chan, No31:Aerobattler, No33:automo 05(Go-Wan), No34:MK-10, No35:Kurou-2gou, No36:Neutrino-NEO, No37:Neutrino-ROSSO, No38:Neurino-BLU, No39:Cyclops_X, No40:Osumi

Entry No.41~No.60
No42:TKU-04, No43:President, No44:Defighant No45:rayo No46:SaiverMKII, No48:Edion, No49:Rafale No50:ADVERSA-Dis, No51:Katacraft, No52:Balt, No54:Frosty, No55:Gknight, No56:Goten, No57:TreyterG, No58:Darkthunder, No59:Later, No60:Laziness

Entry No.61~No.80
No61:MAXIMUM JOKER, No62:SaikoroGreatTabo, No63:Simplefighter, No64:Haduki, No65: CU-1, No66:CAP OZAWAN, No67:Willtos, No68:Cirtejyu-miharus, No69:Bkaji, No70:YOGOROZA, No71:nagel, No72:Cancer, No73:Jastia, No74:Dicide, No77:Pirani No79:Gigas Tyrant, No80:Chromkid

Entry No.81~No.104, 47, 76, 53
No81:Marica, No82:Uchiman Z Red, No83:Sisaku-1gou, No84:QB-1, No85:Goldthunder, No86:Mujy, No87:Hayabusa, No88:Saru1, No89:Kurogane1, No91:Jank-shin, No92:Moss, No93:Gekkou, No94:Kurenai, No95:ant lion, No96:Tanegashimamachine3, No97:JOKER, No98:Regulus, No99:Gergoil-mini, No102:DeKarle, No104:Frogfoot, No47:Kagerou, No76:Wegweiser IV, No53:Heehoohat

The 1st 9 m Footrace was held in Humanoid Helper Project 3rd on Dec. 26, 2010.  Footraces were also carried out in ROBO-ONE 19th (9m) and 20th (9m) as the preliminary competition for the tournament and details were reported in this blog.

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