May 15, 2014

KRS-2572HV, a new KONDO servo, will put on the market ( May 13, 2014 )

KONDO KAGAKU CO. LTD. announced a new high power servo, KRS-2572HV ICS for KHR-3HV, would put on the market. The servo will ship out and be gotten from KONDO web shop or other robot shops by the end of May. 

KHR-3HV is easily upgraded by changing two legs' servos.  User of KHR-3HV who wants to upgrade one's robot can get high torque servo easily.  Kondo uploaded the report of KHR-3HV conversion of KRS-2552RHV to KRS-2572HV.

Characteristics of the new servo are as follows:
1) The new servo is using special aluminum gears.
2) The servo case is the same size as the KRS-2552/2542HV series.
3) The new servo is control by ICS 3.5 which can use serial or PMW. 

Specifications are as follows:
Torque: 25 kg-cm (11.1V)
Speed: 0.13sec/60° (11.1V)
Maximum moving angle: 270°
Moving voltage: 9~11 V
Length: 41(H) ×21(W) × 30.5(D) mm
Weight: 47.7 g (excluding cable and servo-horn)
Attached Parts: Cable (300 mm), servo-horn is excluded
Controller:RCB-3HV, RCB-4HV, KCB-5 and RCB-3J(PWM only)
Price: One servo package is 11,000 yen (Excluding Tax)

KONDO also KRS-2500 series servos put on the market such as KRS-2552RHV ICS (torque: 14 kg-cm) and KRS-2542HV ICS (torque: 11kg-cm).

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