Apr 4, 2017

The 1st ROBO-ONE auto, Autonomous Biped Robot Fight Tournament (Feb 25, 2017)

The 1st ROBO-ONE auto sponsored by Biped Robot Association, took place at BANDO KOBE SCIENCE MUSEUM in Kobe City, Hyougo Pref. on Feb 25, 2017.   

ROBO-ONE Light 14th also took place on Sep 25th and 4.5m Footrce as the preliminary ROBO-ONE 30th Tournament and the main event ROBO-ONE 30th Final Tournament took place on Sep 26th.

The major regulation of the 1st ROBO-ONE auto were just autonomous robot could join the tournament and the weight of robot, which was 5 kg or under.  Details of the body regulation were described in the 30th ROBO-ONE, the 14th ROBO-ONE Light Regulation and the 1st ROBO-ONE auto.(in English)   Side punch has been prohibited since ROBO-ONE 23rd Tournament in the robot fight.

Sixteen robots joined the competition.  The tournament winner was Ko-Bis by Bisko.  The 2nd place was SunShot by Osaka Electro-Communication University Jiyukobo-HRP.   The 3rd place was Garoo by Kumama.  Result of the tournament is here.

My autonomous robot, `BLACK TIGER NEO` also joined the tournament, however he dropped out of the ring and lost the game.   Almost autonomous robot had sensor system as PSD and/or ultrasonicwave sensor.  It was difficult for alomost autonomous robot to find the robot in long distance such as 1 m over.  

 Otsuka-san joined the tournament with his autonomous robot `Babbo-auto` and uploaded reports (1) (2) (in Japanese) of the details of tournament and also all videos of the 1st ROBO-ONE auto to his YouTube Channel.  

MiSUMi, a major sponsor company of ROBO-ONE uploaded ROBO-ONE auto highlights as follows;

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