Apr 3, 2017

KRS-6003R2HV, the highest torque (67kg-cm) servo, was put on the market ( Mar 4, 2017 )

KONDO KAGAKU CO. LTD. put the highest torque (67kg-cm) servo, KRS-6003R2HV ICS on the market on Mar 4, 2017. The characteristics of a new servo are as follows:

1) Using a gear wheel made from special aluminum metal and the third gear wheel made from hard stainless steel:
These gear wheels could endure more than 60 kg torque and make a big power.

2) Attached a heat-sink:
Using a heat-sink as a middle case, makes effective cool of the servo and using aluminum as the upper case makes the case strength improve remarkably.

3) Attaching aluminum clump hone:
Using a driving screw aluminum clump hone could endure overloading. Attaching buried clump hone could make the axis strength improve.

4) Variety of bottom case options:
There is a variety of bottom case option. It is possible to change the bottom case for variety flames.

The new servo is suitable for making a large original robot because of its high torque and variable bottom case options. The new servo is also effective for changing a few servos in general original robots.

Specifications are as follows:
MaximumTorque: 67 kg-cm (11.1V)
Maximum Speed: 0.22s/60°
Length: 32(H) ×51(W) × 39.5(D)mm
Weight: 103 g (excluding horn)
Maximum Moving Angle: 270°
Maximum Current: 6.1 A
Gears: special aluminum metal and hard stainless steel (third gear)
Case Materials: aluminium (top and middle) and Resin including glass (bottom)
Gear Ratio: 362.88:1
Power Supply Voltage: HV(9~12V)
Telecommunication Standard: ICS 3.6 (serial/PMW)
Telecommunication Speed: 115200/625000/125000 bps
Default: ID0/BR115200
Signal Level: TTL
Rotaitional Mode: passable
Control Board: RCB-4HV, RCB-3HV, KCB-5, only PMW  use RCB-3J
Interface: Dual USB adaptor HS, ICS USB adaptor HS
Attached Parts: Aluminum clump horn, Cable (400 mm)

Price: One servo package is 25,000 yen, 6 servos packaged set is 133,200 yen, 18 servos packaged set is 370,000 yen (Taxes are excluded)

KRS-6003HV ICS was  put on the market on Mar. 4, 2009 and then KRS-6003RHV was put on the maeket which third gear material was changed from aluminium to hard stainless steel and also which ICS was changed 3.0 to 3.5.   KRS-6003R2HV which ICS was changed 3.5 to 3.6.

Since Oct. 19th, 2009

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