Mar 31, 2015

ROBO-ONE Light 10th Biped Robot Fight Tournament (Mar 14, 2015)

ROBO-ONE 26th sponsored by Biped Robot Association, took place at Amyu-Atsugi in Atsugi City, Kanagawa Pref. on Mar 14th and 15th, 2015.    ROBO-ONE Light 10th took place on Feb 14th, 4.5m Footrace took place as the preliminary ROBO-ONE Tournament on Sep 14th and the main event ROBO-ONE 26th Final Tournament took place on Sep 15th.

ROBO-ONE Light 10th

ROBO-ONE Light is a robot fight tournament for robots on the market, which are officially recognized by ROBO-ONE Committee. Beginner, who gets robot from the market and want to attend the ROBO-ONE Tournament, also can attend the competition with his robot which is made from just robot kit. Custom-built robot, just the weight 1 kg or under (UK1) also can attend the tournament.

The regulations are as follows;
1) Officially recognized robot regulation
Robots on the market, officially recognized by ROBO-ONE Committee, can attend the competition whether the robot adapt ROBO-ONE Light 10th regulation nor not. Remodeling is prohibited. Head parts can be remodeled and also covering robot body with plastic or paper is permitted.
2) Robot weight except for the officially recognized robot is 1 kg or under (UK1) and the robot has to adapt ROBO-ONE 26th regulation.

In the tournament, custom-built robots handicapped by about 500 g compared with officially recognized kits such as KHR-3HV.  It was interesting that how builder of custom robot UK1 overcame the weight handicap and which robot kit was able to win the tournament. However, it is necessary for getting championship of robot fight tournament to carry 3 important factors such as good body, good motion and good control.

Seventy-two robots joined the 10th tournament. The half of the robots joined were officially recognized robots such as KHR-3HV, DARwIn-mini and the half were custom-built robots UK1 (1kg or under).

Custom-built UK1 robots could overcome the weight handicap 500g.   The Champion was Simplefighter Light by Zeno, the 2nd place was Worst Juraru Queen by Daido University Robot Research Club and the 3rd place was Rhapsody by Kobe Science Technological High School.  The results are here.

All videos of ROBO-ONE Light 10th were uploaded to YouTube Channel by Ritsumeikan University Robot Technology Research Club.  Biped Robot Association also uploaded videos of the 10th to YouTube ROBO-ONE Channel. Sanzai-san reported the details of  the 10th in his blog (in Japanese).

Semifinal 1st Match; Rhapsody vs Worst Juraru Queen

The 23rd Robot Survival Game at Mokei-juku in Tokyo (Mar 29, 2015)

The 23rd Robot Survival Game took place at Mokei-juku in Tokyo on Mar 29, 2015.   Five robots as BLACK TIGER L46 (IKETOMU), Denryu (Gons) , Sakura-2gou (Yoshisda),  SR1 (SR-COM) and Tiger-kai2 joined the 23rd Survival Game.   All robots were controlled by camera system in all battles.

Eighteen Games such as 5 Combat Shooting, 2 Handicap Duel Fight, 4 Duel Fight, 5 Extermination Battle and 2 Battle Royal (Rumble Battle) were carried out in the 23rd.  All games of videos were uploaded to IKETOMU Channel .

Combat Shooting :
Combat shooting is a practice game for training of shoot skill.  Robot moves to the shooting place from the starting point and shoots the target. Robot has to go to the shooting place for easy shooting.  The target was a small can covered with aluminum foil.  Shooting of the center place of the target got bonus points.

Five robots joined the 23rd were as follows;

Combat Shooting 1: BLACK TIGER L46 (IKETOMU),  1 minute 54 seconds,  1 point.

Combat Shooting 2: Denryu (Gons), 18 seconds, 3 points

Combat Shooting 3: Sakura-2gou (Yoshida), 1 minute 21 seconds,  3 points

Mar 20, 2015

ROBO-ONE 26th Biped Robot Fight Tournamnt (Mar 14-15 , 2015)

ROBO-ONE 26th sponsored by Biped Robot Association, took place at Amyu-Atsugi in Atsugi City, Kanagawa Pref. on Mar 14th and 15th, 2015.    ROBO-ONE Light 10th took place on Feb 14th, 4.5m Footrace took place as the preliminary ROBO-ONE Tournament on Sep 14th and the main event ROBO-ONE 26th Final Tournament took place on Sep 15th.

Regulations of ROBO-ONE 26th
The major regulation was the weight of robot, which was 3 kg or under 3 kg.  Details of the body regulation were almost the same as those of the 25th.  Side punch has been prohibited since ROBO-ONE 23rd Tournament in the robot fight.

ROBO-ONE 26th was held as the tournament with 48 robots upper place robots in the preliminary 4.5 m Footrace including winners of the local robot competitions.

4.5 m Footrace
Four meters and 50 cm Footrace was carried out as the preliminary competition to select 48 robots and to decide the tournament order.  One hundred and twenty-two robots joined the preliminary 4.5 m Footrace.

Robots had to walk 4.5 m course with 90 cm width within 1 minute.  Since the 24rd,  thin rubbers under 2 mm was pasted on the board in the course.   Each robot time record taken 4.5 m walk, or the distance from start point if robot could not walk within 1 minute, or robot fell down from the course was recorded.

Each robot tried just one time Footrace. The 4.5 m course pasted with thin rubbers in the course, seemed to be not flat.  Therefore, it was not easy to walk through 4.5 m course for most of robots.    All robots walked the course within 1 minute, passed the preliminary competition.   The result of the preliminary 4.5 m Foot race is here.

The 1st place was Raptor by 11.26 seconds, the 2nd place was Blue thunder by 11.89 seconds and the 3rd place was Garoo by 12.40 seconds.

The 2nd place; Blue thunder

The 1st place;Raptor

Just 63 robots could reach the goal within 1 minute. Upper 16 robots were under 20 seconds, the 17th to 38th place robots were under 30 seconds and the 45th could join final fight by 33.46 seconds.

Videos of 4.5 m Foot Race were uploaded to Youtube Channel by Ritsumeikan University Robot Technology Research Club.  Sanzai-san also reported results (in Japanese).

ROBO-ONE 26th Tournament (3 kg or Under)

The tournament winner was HAUSER by Craftman.  The 2nd place was Garoo by Kumama.  The 3rd place was Neutrino-Giallo by Hida-Kamioka High School.   Result of the tournament is here.

All videos of ROBO-ONE 26th tournament were uploaded to Youtube ROBO-ONE Channel by  Biped Robot Association.  Sanzai-san also reported the details of  results.

Interesting videos of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd stage, quarterfinal, semifinal, for 3rd place and final matches were as follows;

The 1st Stage, 3rd Match: Simplefighter vs Ryuketsu-kamen
The winner was Simplefighter.

Feb 19, 2015

KRS3304 ICS, a new small KONDO servo put on the market (Feb 9, 2015)

KONDO KAGAKU CO. LTD. announced a new small servo, KRS-3304 ICS  put on the market on Feb 9, 2015.
KRS-3304 ICS is a small servo of cube type design. The servo is using a coreless motor and the output maximum torque is 13.9 kgf・cm (7.4V time) of the top-class with the mini-servo.  Metal gears are adopted to secure the durability when the servos are used in biped robot.

The servo ships out on Feb 9, 2105 and is gotten from KONDO web shop or robot shops

Specifications are as follows:
Torque: 13.9 kgf・cm, Speed 0.11s/60° (7.4V)
Torque: 11.2 kgf・cm, Speed 0.13s/60° (6.0V)
Length: 32.5(H) ×26(W) × 26(D) mm
Weight: 33.7 g (excluding cable and servo-horn)
Maximum movement angle: 270° (+-135°)
Gear kind: Metal gear
Case materials: Resin
Gear ratio: 289.22:1
Power supply voltage: 6-7.4V
Cable: Detachable
Cable head: 350 mm (black cable)
Connector: ZH Connector
Communication standard: ICS3.5 (Serial /PWM choice type)
Communication Speed: 115200/625000/1250000bps
Controller: RCB-3HV, RCB-4HV, KCB-5 and RCB-3J(PWM only)
Price: One servo package is 8,800 yen (Excluding tax)
           Six servos package is 46,800 yen (Excluding tax)
           Eighteen servos package is 122,400 yen (Excluding tax)

Attentions for using this servo are as follows:
※This product is a servo for 6-7.4V.  It does not support battery for HV.
※The cable is detachable.
※When you use it by Ni-MH5 cell (6V), the combination of RCB-4HV/3HV and Li-Fe2 cell (6.6V), please use booster 3 (voltage up circuit).  In the case of the use, it is not particularly necessary in Li-Po2 cell (7.4V).
※The initial setting is PWM mode. When you use it with a serial number, you use Dual USB adapter HS or ICS USB adapter HS and ICS manager software, and please set mode reshuffling and the ID number. Because it is PWM mode at the time of the shipment, even the microcomputer board of other companies is just connected and is available.

KONDO KAGAKU CO. LTD. also put a new small servo, KRS-3204 ICS on the market late in October, 2014.   KRS-3204 ICS is a small servo of the standard type design.  The details were described in this blog.

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Feb 17, 2015

The 10th TIROL-CHOCO Robot Competition in Akihabara, Tokyo (Feb 14, 2015)


The 10th TIROL-CHOCO Robot Competition , sponsored by MASAYUKI-san, supported by RT Co., Ltd. and cooperated by TIROL-CHOCO CO., took place at Akihabara Robot Aisle, Tokyo on Feb. 14, 2015.   The competition is for robots with TIROL-CHOCO exterior. The 1st competition was held on July 9, 2007. After that, the completion took place every year.

Regulation of robot body was as follows;
1) Robot had to put on big TIROL-CHOCO exterior, which size were bottom (100 mm x 100 mm), upper surface (86 mm x 86 mm) and height (46 mm) respectively.
2) Biped robot. Number of servo for legs was under 4. Total number of servo was not limited.
3) Control method such as autonomous, radio and wired was free.
For UK1 (Under 1 kg) Robot
1) UK1(Under 1kg) robot passed recently UK1 regulation also can join the competition.
2) Robot had to put on big TIROL-CHOCO exterior, which size were bottom (100 mm x 100 mm), upper surface (86 mm x 86 mm) and height (46 mm) respectively.
Each both type robot had to prepare a basket within 60 mm diameter and free height.
TIROL- CHOCO Robots also have a handicap in playing time campered with UK1 Robots.

The competition was consisted with three kinds of game as follows.  Each robot gets points depended on the order of each game.

(1) Foot Race
Robot walks the course within 3 minutes. The order is depended on the time. If robot cannot walk the course within 3 minutes, the order is depended on the distance from the start line.  Each robot can try twice and the best time is recorded.   Videos of nine robots Foot Race are as follows;

(2) TIROL-CHOCO Shooting
Three paper cups with TIROL-CHOCO on the top put on the field.  Robot shoots the paper cups from oposite side for 5 minutes. Robot gets dropped TIROL-CHOCO from the top of paper cup. The order is depended on the number of shot TIROL-CHOCO. Videoe of nine robots TIROL-CHOCO Shooing are as follows;

(3) TIROL-CHOCO Carrying Race
The field divided 15 small parts which numbered 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.  When robot walks through the number, player puts the number of TIROL-CHOCOs into the basket on the robot, then robot goes back to the start place.  The order is depended on the time and the number of TIROL-CHOCO carried within 5 minutes.  Videos of nine robots TIROL-CHOCO Carrying Race are as follows;

After the 3 games, the winner is the robot gotten the most total points of game.  Nine Robots joined were 1) Z-Tiromon (TIROL) by Moto-Iincho, 2) Garukid (UK1) by Kumama, 3) Zemunes (UK1) by Nigagawa, 4) Shaoron (UK1) by Koizumi, 5) Teruru (UK1) by A4, 6) Bosa-2 (TIROL) by Masaharu Mukoyama, 7) Proto-Trolin (TIROL) by Sugar, 8) Tirolia-1 (TIROL) by Ikki Saito, 9) BT-R3HV (TIROL) by IKETOMU.

1) Z-Tiromon
 2) Garukid
 3) Zemunes
 4) Shaoron
 5) Teruru
  6) Bosa-2
7) Proto-Trolin 
 8) Tirolia-1
 9) BT-R3HV
The winner robot of TIROL-CHOCO 10th was Teruru by A4, the 2nd place was Z-Tiromon by Motoiincho and the 3rd place was Garukid by Kumama.  BT-R3H was the 4th place.  Zemunes got Elegant Prize which obtained votes the most by players attended.

The 4th TIROL-CHOCO Robot Competition on Feb 13, 2010 and  the 9th Competition on Apr 26, 2014 were described in this blog.

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