Aug 15, 2014

Robot Pro-Wrestling Match, `Dekinnoka!18` took place in Koufu City (Aug 13-14, 2014)

Robot Professional Wrestling Match, `Dekinnoka!18`,  took place at Yamanashi Prefectural Science Center in Koufu City on Aug 13-14 during `Take off  Robot Colony` from July 19 to Aug 24, 2014.  Each four matches started at 10:30 am and 2:00 pm. 

The 1st Match: Single match, 10 minutes 1 round
Thunderbolt vs Nagare-Gold

The 2nd Match: Single match, 10 minutes 1 round
Metalic-Fighter vs Kumataro

The 3rd Match: Single match, 10 minutes 1 round
Yukikaze vs Wandafoo

The Main Event: Single match, 10 minute 1 round
ASURA, Unruly Horse of Central District vs Waroo

THE YAMANASHI NICHINICHI SHIMBUN uploaded `Dekinnoka!18` Video at the website `Miljan`.   Details are also reported in Sanzaisan's blog (in Japanese).

Omata-san, producer of Robot  Pro-Wrestling Dekinnoka! and Hikima-san, builder of Kumataro also uploaded some pictures to their web site as follows:


`Dekinnoka!` in Japanese, means `Can you do it?`. As Omata-san has been loving real professional wrestling, the 1st Robot Professional Wrestling in Soka on Nov. 3rd, 2008 was planned and held by him.

He explained the 'Robot Professional Wrestling' was not 'Wrestling' but 'Fighting Arts'. The purpose of `Dekinnoka!` was not only robot fight but also to inform pleasure of robot. He planned not only wrestling match but also the back story of each wrestler character such as a real pro-wrestling match.

Robot Pro-Wrestling `Dekinnoka!` has been also supported by the members of Kanto-Training-Group.

Reports of `Dekinnoka!`, `Dekinnoka!2`, `Dekinnoka!3`, `Dekinnoka!5`, 'Dekinnoka!6' , Dekinnoka!7' , `Dekinnoka!8`  , `Dekinnoka!9` , `Dekinnoka!10`,`Dekinnoka!10.5`Dekinnoka!11 , Dekinnoka!13 , Dekinnoka!16 were uploaded in this blog. Videos were also uploaded to the 'Dekinnoka Official Site` by Omata-san. You can watch the details of the Robot Professional Wrestling videos by clicking each poster of Deinnoka! 1, 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 17.

Since Oct. 19th, 2009

Aug 5, 2014

EXSOS, a New Multi-Legged Robot Flame Kit Put on the Market

REC-Design put a new multi-legged robot flame kit series HP-25S on the market.

Robot shop, Technologia also put `Multi-Legged Robot Kit` (just flame H25-63N) and `Multi-Legged Robot Kit EXOS Dedut Set` including H25-63N(flame kit), RCB-4HV(control board), 18 KRS-2542HVs(servomotor) and controller. The price are 53,000 yen and 140,000 yen excluding tax.

The new multi-legged robot can use KRS-2500 series of KONDO KAGAKU CO. LTD.

Multi-legged robot has been being miner robot compared with biped robot in Japan. Just G-DOG , a kit of 4-legged robot, was on the market from HIP JAPAN in July 2008.  KONDO KAGAKU CO. LTD also put Multi-legged robot such as Turtle Robot 02, KMR-M6 and KMR-M4.

Robot builders who has been making custom-built biped robot are interested in making multi-legged robot.   More than 20 times of Robot Survival Game with multi-legged robots were carried out in Tokyo.  

Since Oct. 19th, 2009

Jul 30, 2014

The 1st issue `Weekly Robi` Completed on July 29, 2014

The 1st issue of DeAGOSTINI weekly magazine,`Weekly Robi` completed with 70 volumes on July 29, 2014.  The 1st was issued on Feb. 19, 2013.  The 2nd issue was also carried out on Feb 25, 2014.   The Robi part was attached every weekly magazine.  The first volume price was 790 yen including tax.  Price of the 2nd volume was 1990 yen.  The volume attached control board was 4,990 yen.

Gingmag also introduced the issue of `Weekly Robi` in English.  Details of the 1st issue and the 2nd issue were described in this blog.

Robi has support and community site opened on July 22nd, 2014 as ``.  DeAGOSTINI also uploaded Robi making videos for each volume to YouTube DeAGOSTINI Channel.

Robi making video of volume 70 is as follows;

 Dr.GIY-san who is famous for dancing robot, uploaded conversation video with his completed Robi.

DeAGOSTINI also issued weekly magazine, `Weekly ROBO XERO` with robot parts of ROBO XERO on Feb 8th, 2011.  Robot has completed with 70 volumes of magazine on June, 2012 and the details were described in this blog.

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Jul 19, 2014

The 11th Wandahoo Robot Carnival will take place in Kawasaki City on July 20th, 2014

The 11th Wandahoo Robot Carnival will be held at Kawasaki-Sangyoushinkou-Kaikan in Kawasaki City on July. 20th, 2014.  Twenty-six robots will join the 11th Wandahoo.  The competition will be shown on  `Ustream Wandahoo Robot Carnival` from 12:00 to 18:00 , July 20th 2014. (JST).

The 11th Wandahoo Robot Carnival took place on July. 20th, 2014.  Sanzai-san reported the details in his blog (in Japasense).
 `Ustream Wandahoo Robot Carnival` is also keeping all videos.  Ishikawa-san also uploaded videos to his YouTube channel.

Program is as follows;
12:15 Opening Ceremony
Introduction of Participating Robots
Dash 2000
Bottle Traction
Dice Shot
Rumble Fight
Robot Fight, Final Tournament
17:20 Closing Ceremony

Wandahoo Robot Carnival is sponsored by Ishikawa-san and supported by the members of Kanto ROBOT Practice(Kanto-gumi Robot Training Meeting). Ishikawa-san and his stuffs are busy preparing USTREAM Live system of the Carnival now. Entry of the Carnival will finish on Nov. 30th, and 30 robots will join.

The Carnival is robot competition consisted with various four type games such as Dash 2000 (competition of 2 robots, 2 m U-turn course foot race; each robot gets points depended on the order of record time), Bottle Traction (pushing or pulling a basket with 500 or 1000 ml bottles for 2 m within 1 minute; points are multiplication of number of bottles and distance carried), Dice Shot (dice soccer of 2 robots; each robot gets points depended on the spots of dice shot for 2 minutes) and Cubs (team game of 3 robots each, carrying cubs to own territory for 2 minutes; winner team members get points) and Robot Fight with the best 4 robots. Therefore, this Carnival is called `Robot Olympic`.

Each robot gets points from each game. In the case of team game, winner team member robots gets points. Four robots gotten many points can join the final tournament of Robot Fight. The rest robots have Ramble Fights. Those games were planned by Ishikawa-san.
It is necessary for winner that the robot has a high activity with performance and also good luck.

The 1st Carnival took place on July 16, 2006 and then the Carnival held twice in January and July every year. From 2010, the Carnival takes place in July once a year. Animader-san painted each event poster. As for the poster gallery, click here. The theme song of Carnival also can be downloaded here.

The series of Wandahoo Robot Carnival Result; Reports are as follows;

The 1st Wandahoo Robot Carnival at Bunkyo Civic Center on July 16, 2006
The 2nd Wandahoo Robot Carnival at Bunkyo Civic Center on Jan 17, 2007
The 3rd Wandahoo Robot Carnival at Bunkyo Civic Center on July 15, 2007
The 4th Wandahoo Robot Carnival at Bunkyo Civic Center on Jan 13, 2008
The 5th Wandahoo Robot Carnival at Bunkyo Civic Center on July 20, 2008
The 6th Wandahoo Robot Carnival at Institute of Industry Promotion Kawasaki on Jan 11, 2009 :Report
The 7th Wandahoo Robot Carnival at Telecom Center on July 19, 2009 :Report
The 8th Wandahoo Robot Carnival at Electric Power Historycal Museum on July 11, 2010 :Promotion
The 9th Wandahoo Robot Carnival at Takaonomori Wakuwaku Village on July 15, 2012 :Promotion
The 10th Wandahoo Robot Carnival at Takaonomori Wakuwaku Village on Dec 7, 2013 :Promotion

Additional petch carnival also took place twice as follows:
"Wandahoo Robot Carnival Petit" in Soka Fusasara Festival on Nov 2, 2008 :Report
"Wandahoo Robot Carnival Petit 2" in the 6th MONO CREATOR FESTIVAL 2009 Spring on Apr 29, 2009 :Report
Wandahoo Robot Carnival For JSRC on Feb 11, 2011 :Promotion

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Jul 3, 2014

The 21st Robot Survival Game at Mokei-juku in Tokyo (June 30, 2014)

The 21st Robot Survival Game took place at Mokei-juku in Tokyo on June 29, 2014.   Six robots as Hiryu (Koizumi), Famitank (Ninagawa), BLACK TIGER L46 (IKETOMU), Sakura-2gou (Yoshisda), Nikoichi (9th) and Denryu (Gons)  joined the 21st Survival Game.   All robots were controlled by camera system in all battles.

Seventeen Games such as 6 Combat Shooting, 2 Extermination Battle, 3 Duel Fight, 3 Tochka Battle, 2 Flag Battle and Battle Royal (Rumble Battle) were carried out in the 21st. All games of videos were uploaded IKETOMU Channel and Noborizaka-san also uploaded videos.

The field and back side of the 21st Robot Survival Game at Moki-juku were as the next video:

Combat Shooting :
Combat shooting is a practice game for training of shoot skill.  Robot moves to the shooting place from the starting point and shoots the target. Robot has to go to the shooting place for easy shooting.  The target was a small can covered with aluminum foil.  Shooting of the center place of the target got bonus points.

Six robots joined the 21st were as follows;

Combat Shooting: Hiryu (Koizumi), 1 minutes 41 seconds

Combat Shooting: Famitank (Ninagawa), 23 seconds

Combat Shooting: BLACK TIGER L46 (IKEOMU)

Combat Shooting: Sakura-2gou (Yoshida), 1 minute 12 seconds