Dec 15, 2009

A new flame set for wide moving legs of KHR-3HV will be put on the market ( Dec. 15, 2009 )

KONDO KAGAKU CO. LTD. will put a new flame set for wide moving KHR-3HV legs on the market on Dec 22nd, 2009. The flame set makes the roll axis range of KHR-3HV legs increase to more than 180° by exchanging of the waist parts of KHR-3HV original kit. The new flame is good for making variety of motions such as a keeper motion in the soccer game.

As the leg yow axis can not be used by the exchanging to the new flame set, the waist yaw axis can be used by the addition of a KRS-2552HV.

The sample motions will be uploaded to the KONDO web site on Dec. 22nd, 2009. The price of the new frame set is 6930 yen (tax included).

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