Dec 6, 2009

The 1st JSRC ( Japan Standard Class Robot Community ) Championship in Nagoya ( Nov. 22nd, 2009 )

The 1st JSRC ( Japan Standard Class Robot Community ) Championship was carried out in NAGOY MOTOR SHOW at Port Messe Nagoya on Nov. 22nd, 2009. Last year, organization of JSRC was announced by Mr. Iwaki during `Robofight`( Nov 2-3, 2008 ) in Osaka. The presentation was also reported . Then a tentative JSRC Championship was carried out during the 9th Robogong in Osaka on Jan. 11th, 2009.

Biped robot hobbyists seemed to be divided into four levels, the 1st level builders have custom-built robots for example ROBO-ONE GP, the second builders have custom-built robots with high torque servos, the third builders have kit based robots or remodeled robots using several high torque servos and the forth level are beginners with kit robots on the market.

The ROBO-ONE and almost other robot competitions have just open class and did not divide the class as standard class (kit based class) and open class. There were not standard class except for `Robofight` and `Robogong` produced by Mr. Iwaki. Therefore, the third level robot builders could not win the competition because of the difference of power of the robot. As the standard class includes the third level and the forth level, JSRC is expected to increase the opportunity joining the competition for builders who are remodeling the robot kit or beginner with kit robot.

Seven Groups are joining to the community. The inside of the parenthesis is competition name for the representatives.
`Kanto (Tokyo region)-Gumi (group) Robot Training Meeting` (Wonderful Robot Carnival)
`Kyushu (Fukuoka region) Training Meeting` (YOKA Robo Festival)
` Kagawa Humanoid Robot Workshop ` (Robo Country Ⅳ)
`Chubu (Nagoya region) Robot Promoting Commission ` (RoBo☆CHAMP)
` Himeji Robo-Challenge Executive Committee` (Himeji Robo-Challenge),
` ROBO-PRO ` (Robo-Pro Challenge Cup, Robo -Pro Station),
` Robotforce ` (Robofight , Robogong) .

The main body regulations are as follows.
1) Biped robots on the market which are not remodeled
2) Remodeled biped robots on the market which fit the following regulation*
3) Custom-built robots which fit the following regulation*

The JSRC regulation * for remodeled or custom-built robots are as follows;
Weight: 1.8 kg or under
Height: 40 cm or under
Sole size: 65 % of the foot or under and 45 % of the foot or under
Hands size: 60 cm or under
Total number of servo: 30 or less 5 or more
Number of servo with torque of 15 kg・cm or more: 5 or under.
Total torque limit is 2200 or under. Calculation is as follows; Total torque = (torque/speed)×{(voltage of loading battery) ^2 / (catalog voltage of the battery)^2}× number of servo
Gun or missile can be loaded and used
Turn over angle of robot are 15° to front and rear, and 20°to left and right

The rule of the tournament is as follows;
Each robot has 6 points. The robot knocked down loses 2 points. The robot slipped down loses 1 point. The robot gone out of the ring excluding in the case of getting up, loses 2 points. Taking time ( within 3 minutes, only one time each match, not take during knocked down but take during slipped down) for adjusting robot, loses 2 points. Gun or missile can launch 3 shells in each match and the robot hit loses just 2 points during the match. Robot lost 6 points is loser of the match.

Fifteen Robots of representatives of the groups joined the championship. From July 2009 to November 2009, each representative was decided in the competition which was sponcored above-mentioned group.

The robot and builder got the 1st JSRC championship was SuperdhygarⅡ by Hironocchi. The 2nd place was Robovie-XSF by zero and the 3rd place was Buraster by Akitsuka and XO3 by Ryuuya. Hironochi commented that his robot used `Murcury` as foot and `KRS-2552HV` as upper body servo for the weight 1.8 kg or under with high power.

The 16th ROBO-ONE was carried out with no regulation concerning the robot weight. The weight of robot is very important in the competition. Heavy robots have advantage compared with light ones especially in the robot fight competition. On the other hand, some UK1 ( under 1 kg ) class robot competition were also carried out recently. Hobbyist can join the robot competition suited their each robot.

The detail and videos were uploaded in the 1st JSRC result page.

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