Aug 2, 2013

Hero Mecha ☆ Dreams in AKIBA Daisuki Festival 2013 Summer (July 28, 2013)

Hero Mecha ☆ Dreams in AKIBA Daisuki Festival 2013 Summer took place at Bellesalle Akihabara in Tokyo on July 28, 2013.

Eight robots joined the competition. It was possible to order of the song when robot entered the ring. The main regulation for robots joined was to wear the hero robot exterior of SUNRISE such as GUNDAM.   Robot could use a gun and if the bullet from the gun hit the opponent, Robot got one-down. The other robot fight regulations were the same as the ROBO-ONE Tournament.

The 1st Match, Xabungle vs SD LAYZNER

The 2nd Match, Chiyonishiki vs MSM-04 Acguy

The 3rd Match, SD LAYZNER vs MSM--04 Acguy

The 4th Match, QUBELEY vs Gumdam RX-78-2

The 5th Match, Zaku vs Scope Dog

Hero Robot competitions such as `SUNRISE Hero Robot Battle` (S.H.R.B) in INTERNATIONAL ROBOT EXHIBITION 2009 (Nov. 28th, 2009) and Okawara-Mecha Battle Tournament (Feb. 18, 2012) are also reported in this blog.

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