Dec 10, 2010

KHR-3HV BLACK LIMITED, a New Colored Model, will be put on the market ( Dec 10, 2010)

KONDO KAGAKU CO. LTD. announced KHR-3HV BLACK LIMITED, a new colored model, will be put on the market on Dec 16, 2010.

Limited 100 black colored robots will be sold.  The price is 114,000 yen excluding tax.   Just body color, flame and plastic parts color are changed from light blue to black but specifications such as control board and servos are the same those of original KHR-3HV which was put on the market in 2009.

Black colored plastic parts for KHR-3HV also will put be on the market at the same time. KHR-3HV black parts set is 4,500 yen excluding tax.

 Black colored robot seems to be cool and black color fits to robots because most of servo color are black.   I changed KHR-1 body and flame color from aluminum color to black for making reviced robot BLACK TIGER.   My custum-built biped robot, BLACK TIGER NEO and custum-built anomalous 5-legged robot, BLACK TIGER L45 were also colored black.

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