Apr 12, 2011

ROBOT JAPAN 1st took place in Tsukiji, Tokyo ( Part 1 ) (April 10, 2011)

ROBOT JAPAN 1st took place at Tsukiji-Honganji Buddhist Hall in Tokyo on April 10, 2011.   Robot entertainment, ROBOT JAPAN was sponsored by Mazel Japan, a entertainment planning company managing the Buddhist Hall.    ROBOT JAPAN Zero was also held on Jan. 9, 2011.    ROBOT JAPAN 2nd will be hold on Aug. 21, 2011.

ROBOT JAPAN 1st had 4 Class, such as Robot Dance Class, Robot Short Performance Class and Biped Robot Fight Class which were divied 2 Class by the robot weight.  The flyweight division was the robot of 2 kg or under and the bantamweight division was 3 kg or under.

Program was as follows;
11:00 Opening and Robot Comic Dialogue (Tsukiji GO!GO!GO! )
          by Yoshihiro Sibata choreography
11:30 Robot Fight Flyweight Division Tournament
          Robot Short Performance Contest
13:00 Kung-Fu Dance (Tsukiji GO!GO!GO! ) by Yoshihiro Sibata choreography
          Robot Fight Bantamweight Division Tournament
13:45 Tin Robot Dance (Tsukiji GO!GO!GO!) by Kazuho Shiroma choreography
          Robot Short Performance Contest
          Robot Fight Bantamweight Division for 3rd place Match and Final Match
          Movie `Zanna Bianca` announcement
          Movie `zanna Bianca` Thema Song by Keiko Date (Mini-Live)
          Robot Rakugo Story (Tsukiji GO!GO!GO! ) by Yoshihiro Sibata choreography
          Dancing Ichimatsu-Doll (Tsukiji GO!GO!GO!) by Kazuho Shiroma choreography
          Robot Dance Contest
16:30 Poem and Music by Shuntaro Takigawa and Kensaku Takigawa
          Prize-Giving Ceremony of Dance Contest, Short Perfoamance and MVP
17:00 Ending
Details were reported in Sanzai-san's Blog (in Japanese).
The regulation of each class was as follows;

Robot Dance Class
Every kind robot, biped robot and except for biped robot, such as multi-legged robot also can join this class.
Robot plays dancing within 2 minutes with the music requested through radio control or autonomus.
Judgement is carried out by 3 judges and 1st to 3rd place are decided.
Dance stage is 3600mm×1800mm.

Short Performance Class
Every kind robot, wellcome excepr for biped robot, can join this class.
Robot plays a unique short performance through radio control or autonomus.
Stage is 3600mm×1800mm.

Biped Robot Fight Class
Fight Class divied 2 division by the robot weight are flyweight division, 2 kg or under and bantamweight division, 3kg or under.  Each division has a tournament.
Robot gotton 3 knock down within 3 minutes is winner.
Stage is 3600mm×1800mm.

Robot Fight Flyweight Division Tournament
Ten robot joined Flyweight Division (2 kg and under). The winner was Osaru4goukai, the 2nd place was Ryuketsu-kamen Purple, the 3rd palce was Searu.

  The 1st stage 6 matches were as follows; ①Gaiki× vs Lean○, ②Searu○ vs Ryuketsu-kamen White×, ③Zerufar○ vs Strongmachine5gou×, ④Balt○ vs Ryuketsu-kamen Purple×, ⑤Osaru4goukai○ vs Searu×, ⑥Ryuketsu-kamen Yellow○ vs Balt×.

Flyweight Division Semifinal matches were ①Osaru4goukai○ vs Lean× and ②Ryuketsu-kamen Yellow○ vs Zerufar×.

Flyweight division for the 3rd place match was Lean vs Zerufar. The 3rd place was Lean.

Flyweight division final match was Osaru4goukai vs Ryuketsu-kamen Yellow. The winner was Osaru4goukai, custum-built robot by Osaru-kun who was a 1st-year student of junior high school.

Robot Short Performance Contest
Five robots joined the contest. The winner was BLACK TIGER NEO and the 2nd place was V-Bot, the 3rd place was Saikoro-Great.

(1)Robocar-Z28gou by Ueda-san. Robot leads 3-3-7 claps.

(2)V-Bot by Team Veltrobot. LEGO robot car goes up and down the stairs. The 2nd place.

(3)BLACK TIGER NEO by IKETOMU. Autonomous robot knocks down four 500 ml bottles equiped water and covered paper. The 1st place of robot short performance contest.

(4)Saikoro-Great by Garu. Dice(Robot) transforms into robot. The 3rd place.

(5)Ryuketsu-kamen by Mister Tamao. Ryuketsu-kamen is knocked down by aaudience will power.

ROBOT JAPAN 1st Backstage of Flyweight Division and Short Performance

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