Apr 28, 2011

JO-ZERO Type-2, a New Model of JO-ZERO was put on the market (April 26, 2011)

JO-ZERO Type-2, a new mode of JO-ZERO was put on the market. The upper part of the new robot's body is the same that of JO-ZERO and the lower half of the body is the same that of Weekly ROBO XERO issued by DeAGOSTINI. As 22 servo motors are used in the new model, the price (129,150 yen, including tax) increased just 3,150 yen compared that of JO-ZERO with 20 servo motors.

JO-ZERO Typ-2 also can be changed to ROBO-XERO by changing with additional hand unit, which is the same unit used in ROBO-XERO. The hand unit will be put on the market soon.

JO-ZERO was put on the market in July 2009. JO-ZERO has been developed for a biped robot kit with 3 purposes, `Cool`, `Speed` and `Human-like` by Nakamura-san, President of Himeji Softworks. The details were described in this blog.

ROBO XERO is based JO-ZERO. Servo motors `RS306MD` of Futaba Corporation are used for the robot with 24 axes. The weight is 900 g and height is 300 mm. The robot is suitable for the U1K (Under 1 kg) robot fight competition. The details were also described in this blog.

Specifications are as follows:
Length: 300(H)mm
Weight: 840g (without battery)
Axis: 22 (arm 8, body2, foot 12)
Servo: FUTABA RS304MD (torque 5kg・cm)
CPU: HIMEJI Softworks for FUTABA servo, HSWB-04FV2 with 3 analog terminal for gyro, 3 analog and 3 digital terminals
Software: JOZ Controller
Battery: PR-4S780P, a lithium polymer battery from Futaba Corporation (excluding the kit)

Option Unit ‘Sword’ and ‘JO-GUN’ (Oct. 3, 2011)

RoboTimes reported JO-ZERO Type-2 Option Unit ‘Sword’ and ‘JO-GUN’ with pictures and videos on Oct 3, 2011 (in Japasese). These units are now developing.

‘Sword’ unit is handled by the option hand unit with 5 fingers which is on the market. Robot can draw the sword from the holder in left shoulder. Video of using Sword Unit is as follows;

‘JO-GUN’ unit is attached right forearm and can shot 6 ring-shaped bullets which are loading in the holder, using the elastic band. Video of using JO-GUN Unit is as follows;

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