Apr 8, 2011

KMR-M6, a New KONDO 6-Legged Robot Kit, will be put on the market ( April 8, 2011)

KONDO KAGAKU CO. LTD. announced that KMR-M6, a new 6-legged robot will be put on the market in early May, 2011. The new robot is the second one of the KONDO ANIMAL ROBOT Series.

KONDO uploaded the manual and sample motions of KMR-M6.

KONDO is the leading company of biped hobby robot and is well known to a maker of KHR-series robot as KHR-1, KHR-2HV and KHR-3HV.  The first new category multi-legged robot, turtle type 4-legged robot has been put on the market.

Multi-legged robot has been being miner robot compared with biped robot in Japan. Just G-DOG , a kit of 4-legged robot, was on the market from HIP JAPAN in July 2008.   Recently, robot builders who has been making custom-built biped robot are interested in making multi-legged robot.   Five times of Robot Survival Game with multi-legged robots were carried out in Tokyo.  The first one took place on July 19th, 2010 and the 6th one will take place at Dainihongiken office on April 17th, 2011. 

KONDO also held twice of KONDO LAND Multi-Legged Robot Obstacle Race at ROBOSPOT in Akihabara, Tokyo on Dec. 23rd, 2010 and Jan. 23rd, 2011The third one will took place at ROBOSPOT on May 7th, 2011.

Characteristics of the new robot are as follows:

1. The 6-legged robot can move with highly stability. The robot can walk over the hard bumps with tight grips.
2. Light weight robot body was made by synthetic resin parts. Spring inside the leg parts for absorbing shock makes robot move fast.
3. Robot can move freely with limitted number of servos by the linked-leg system and high powered servo, KRS-2552HV which is using in KHR-3HV.
4. Setting battery under the backpack of the robot makes easy battery change.
5. The dummy head can be exchanged with a real servo for moving the head.
6. RCB-4HV, the control board with 10 analog terminals and 10 digital I/Os of KHR-3HV is also used in the robot.
7. HeartToHeart4, software for motion creating makes easy a lot of variety of motions.
8. Powerful Ni-H battery and rapid battery charger are attached the kit.

Specifications are as follows:
Frame: Light weight aluminium alloy
Leg: Synthetic resin
Control board: RCB-4HV
Servo: KRS-2552HV ICS RedVersion ×12
Battery: ROBO power cell HV D-type 10.8V-800mAh Ni-MH
Battery carger: AC100V MX-201
Parts: screws, cables, plastic parts
CD-ROM: manual, software, sample motions etc.
Size: 182(H)×335(W)×223(D)
Weight: 1,070 g  (including battery)
Price: 79,800 Yen  (including tax)

Parts of KONDO 6-Legged Robot, KMR-6 will be also put on the market by the end of May, 2011.
Multi-legged robot leg unit set type A (KO205) : 1,575 Yen (including tax)
Multi-legged robot body frame type A (2 parts)  (KO2107) : 2,100 Yen (including tax)
Spring(standard) 10 pieces (KO2108) : 315 Yen (including tax)

Lem-san also reported the details of the hexapod with video in his blog.

Craft House made motions for KMR-6M as follows;

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