Apr 23, 2011

Japan Team Got 15 Medals in RoboGames 2011 (April 15-17, 2011)

RoboGames is the olympics of robots from around the world to compete in over 50 different events such as combat robots, fire-fighters, LEGO bots, hockey bots, walking humanoids, soccer bots, sumo bots, and even androids that do kung-fu. Some robots are autonomous, some are remote controlled. As an open event, anyone can join.

The 8th annual games, RoboGames 2011 took place on Apr 15-17, 2011 and the results are here.    Japan team joined RoboGames 2011 and got 15 Medals. Games joined Japan team were shown on `USTREAM robogames2011jp` by Kaduhi-san.  Lem-san also reported RoboGames 2011 in his Blog with cool videos and pictures.

I tried to review games joined Japan team.  Japan team members were Kazumin (Koguma-san), Kazugon (Kazuko-san), Omegadou-san, MisterTamao-san, KENTA-san, Light Foot Shibata-san and Team Veltrobot.   Japan team robots joined were as follows; these sheets were from Operation ROBOT TOMODACHI.

Soccer: Android 3:3,  Japan Team got Gold Medal

Androids: Kung-Fu-MiddleWt, Zaura got Gold Medal

Androids: Kung-Fu-LightWt, Ryuketsu-kamen

Androids: Kung-Fu-LightWt, Ryuketsu-kamen in Rumble Fight

Androids:FreeStyle-original, Thunderbolt got Gold Medal

Androids:FreeStyle-original, Garoo and Ryuuketu-kamen

Androids:FreeStyle-kit, Vertrobot got Gold Medal

Androids:FreeStyle-kit, Kumataro

Androids:FreeStyle-kit, Yosaku

Androids:FreeStyle-kit, Kazugon

Androids:FreeStyle-kit, Somali got Bronze Medal

Andorids:Biped race, Thunderbolt got Bronze Medal

Multi-legged robot, Arnold Stallone and Vanga also joined WechWars. Two robots had a demontration game in the WechWars field. Arnold Stallone was controled through web far from Japan in the site of the 6th Robot Survival Game at Daonihongiken Office. Videos were as follows;

Arnold Stalone in the backstage

Vanga in the MechWars field

Demonstration of Robot Survival Game by Arnold Stallone and Vanga

Video of demonstration of Robot Survival Game between Arnold Stallone and Vanga by the camera on Arnold Stallone was here.

Interview of Light Foot Shibata-san

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