Jul 5, 2012

ROBO XERO has been Completed on June, 2012

DeAGOSTINI issued weekly magazine,`Weekly ROBO XERO` with robot parts of ROBO XERO on Feb 8th, 2011.   ROBO XERO parts was attached every weekly magazine. I reported the details of the ROBO XERO in this blog on Dec 21, 2010.  Robot has completed with 70 volumes of magazineon on June, 2012.

ROBO XERO is based `JO-ZERO` of Himeji Softworks. Servo moters `RS306MD` of Futaba Corporation are used for the robot with 24 axes.  The weight is 900 g and height is 300 mm.  The robot is suitable for the U1K ( Under 1 kg ) robot fight competition.

Dr. GIY, famous ROBO-ONE robot builder also cmpleted the ROBO XERO and uploaded cool videos as follows;

Details of JO-ZERO and JO-ZERO Type-2, a New Model of JO-ZERO were described in this blog.   The  remarkable difference between JO-ZERO and ROBO-XERO is structure of hand.  New robot can grip.

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Gunther Cox said...

The videos are great!

Gremio said...

Excellent robot and excellent work, congratulations