Oct 16, 2011

ROBO-ONE 19th Biped Robot Fight in Kawasaki (Part 3) ROBO-ONE 19th Tournamnt (Oct 9, 2011)

ROBO-ONE 19th sponsored by ROBO-ONE Committee, took place at Institute of Industrial Promotion Kawasaki Hall in Kawasaki City on Oct 8-9th, 2011.    The 19th ROBO-ONE which scheduled on March 19-20, 2011 was postponed by East Japan Earthquake.

In ROBO-ONE 19th,  ROBO-ONE Light 3rd took place on Oct 8th, 9 m Footrace took place as the preliminary ROBO-ONE tournament (Light Class, Under 3kg) on Oct 8th and the main event ROBO-ONE 19th tournament (Light Class, Under 3kg) took place on Oct 9th.

ROBO-ONE 19th Tournament (Light Class, 3kg or Under)

ROBO-ONE 19 was held as the tournament with 48 robots which were winners of the local robot competitions and upper place robots in the preliminary competition, 9 m Footrace. 

Nine meters Footrace was carried out as the preliminary competition to select 48 robots and to decide the tournament order.  Upper 48 robots could attend the tournament.  Sixty-nine robots including robots which had the right to join the ROBO-ONE 19th, also attended the preliminary 9 m Footrace.

The winner was Garoo by Kumama-san, who also got a prize of 5 hundreds thousand yen.  The second place was HammerHead by Osaka Sangyo University Robot Project. Hammerhead is well-known as one of Kansai-Shitenno (Kansai Big Four).  The 3rd place was Super-DhygarⅢ by Hironocchi-san, who was the winner of ROBO-ONE 17th (last Light Class, 3 kg or under).  Result of the tournament was here.  

Videos of 2nd Stage, 3rd Stage, Quarterfinal, Semifinal, For 3rd Place and Final match were uploaded in IKETOMU Channel.  All matches videoes were also uploaded in SHR009 Channel.   Intersting videos were as follows;

The 2nd Stage Matches
The 2nd Stage 3: Tokotokomaru vs EXA
Tokotokomaru moved by high speed funs. However, the funs had too high power to control robot. Tokotokomaru fell down from the ring and lost the match.

The 2nd Stage 9: G-Saaga vs Chromkid
G-Saaga threw Chromkind with Back-drop and perfectly executed move in the middle of the ring. G-Saaga got two Knock-donwns as a bold (Oh-waza). However the match went into overtime and Saaga lost the match by sudden-death.

The 3rd Stage Match
The 3rd Stage 6: Leguhorn vs Gergoil Revenge
Gergoil Revenge custom-built by Yoshida Familiar was the highest robot among joined robots. It had long parallel-linked legs as mantis. The winner was Leghorn.

Quaterfinal Matches
Quarterfinal-1: Heil Light vs HammerHead

Quarterfinal-2: Super Dhyger Ⅲ vs Frosty
Super-Dhygar Ⅲ was defending champion of ROBO-ONE Light Class(3kg or under). Frosty was known to a back-flip robot. The match went into overtime and the winner was Super-Dhygar Ⅲ.

Quarterfinal-3: Chromkid vs Leguhorn
The winner was Leghorn.

Quarterfinal-4: Garoo vs Excelion
The winner was Garoo.

Semifinal Matches
Semifinal-1: HammerHead vs Super-DhygarⅢ
The winner was HammerHead.

Semifinal-2: Leguhorn vs Garoo
The winner was Garoo.

For 3rd Place Match: Super-DhygarⅢvs Leguhorn
The 3rd place was Super-DhygarⅢ.

Final Match: HammerHead vs Garoo
Before the final match, Garoo had a machine trouble and had to change servo moter. It took about 1 hour. Garoo recovered and got the championship.

ROBO-ONE Light Class (3 kg or Under) of 15th on May 4, 2009 and 17th on March 21, 2011 were also described in this blog.

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