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The 7th KONDO LAND Multi-Legged Robot Obstacle Race (Dec 22, 2012)

The 7th KONDO LAND Multi-Legged Robot Obstacle Race took place at ROBOSPOT in Akihabara, Tokyo on Dec 22, 2012.

Eight multi-legged  robots joined the race.   Robot joined were Garutan (Kumama), Metallic Vaio 2012 (Morinaga), Milfy (Matsuo), BLACK TIGER L44 (IKETOMU), WaniWani (KENTA), Hakurou (HERO@Musen-ken), Echo (Yuya) and Dark Liger (Moriken).

A new additional attraction was added in the 7th KONDO LAND because 3 robots cleared 6 attractions in the 6th KONDO LAND.  The 7th attraction is stairs with gate on the last stair.  The gate opens for 15 seconds by pushing the botton in the goal floor as following the picture.  

Robot has to go up staris within 15 seconds.Metallic Bio 2012 tried to going up the stars, however it was very hard to go up the stairs.

The  7th KONDO LAND Multi-Legged Robot Obstacle Race Results

Each robot had twice real time record race.  In the 7th KONDO LAND Obstacle Race, no robots clear the course within 3 minutes and no robots charenged the 7th attractions. 

The 1st place was Garutan, the 2nd place was WaniWani.  The MVP was also Garutan custom-built by Kumama-san and Kupapa-san. Garutan was attached a camera system and was controlled through camera in the motan-house. 

Details of the 7th KONDO LAND were described Sanzai-san`s blog  (in Japanese).  The result was described here. The best race video of each robot was as follows;

Garutan, 4-legged robot with camera system by Kumama-san. The 2nd place.

WaniWani, 4-legged robot custom-built with mobile head and tail by KENTA-san. The 2nd Place.

Metallic Vaio 2012; Two long arm or legged robot custom-built by Morinaga-san who is famous for biped robot, Metallic Fighter and called father of ROBO-ONE. 

Milfy, 4-legged robot custom-built by Matsuo-san.

BLACK TIGER L44, 4-legged robot custom-built by IKETOMU.

Hakurou, 2+1?-legged robot custom-built by HERO@Musen-ken.

Regulations of the Multi-Legged Robot Obstacle Race  were as follows.

1. Robot body regulation
1) KONDO servos have to be used.
2) There is no limitation of number of axes.
3) Weight of Robot is 3 kg or under.
4) Robot body sizes (arms are folding) are height 30 cm, width 30 cm and depth 30 cm or under.
5) Moving by wheels is prohibited.
6) Control board is free.
7) Robot has to be controlled by wireless or autonomous. Wired control is prohibited.

2. Course regulation
1) Obstacles are set in the KONDO CUP KHR Class Soccer Field.
2) The most narrow width of the course is 400 mm and the lowest height of the course is 400 mm.
3) Material of the floor depends on each obstacle.

3. Competition regulation
1) Just one robot walks the course.
2) Time from the start point to goal is recorded.  The shortest time robot is winner.
3) Each robot can challenge the course twice.
4) Robot has to reach the goal within 3 minutes and the time over robot is retired.
5) Robot gone out of the course gets penalty time 10 seconds and one penalty point.  Penalty time adds to the record of 3 mins.  Robot can restart from the entrance of un-cleared obstacle.  There are no limitations of restart times.  Every restart adds 10 secs penalty time and one penalty point.
6) At the 2nd attraction, Magic Wall, robot push out the moving wall has a penalty time 10 secs and one penalty point.  The magic wall push out is not returned to the obstacle course.
7) Robot can get points by pushing the button in each point getting place, where a point button set.  Getting points are depended on the button set place.

KONDO LAND Attraction Guide

Various kinds of 6 obstacles set in the race course are as follows;

The 1st attraction : `Gattan` Seesaw
A big seesaw, which size are 500 mm in width and 700 mm in length with an inclination of 15 degrees.  A point getting push button for one point is set.  The steep slope is not easy for every robot.  It is important for robot not to slip feet.
Degree of Difficulty:★☆☆☆☆

The 2nd attraction: Magic Wall
A road, which size are 600 mm width and 1,000 mm in length with 2 pushing robots.  Magic Walll is hard for light weight robots.  Robot needs weight and power for push out the Wall.  Push button for stopping pushing robot was set on the each pushing robot.  Player robot can stop the pushing robot by pushing the button switch.
Degree of Difficulty:★★☆☆☆

The 3rd Attraction: Mootan House
A big tunnel, which size are 1,200 mm width and 1,200 mm length with a pitfall (400 x 400 mm).  Two push buttons for one point are set in the House.  Ten point button is set out of the House.  One push gets one point and ten times push get 10 points, however 11 times push makes point zero.  Robots fallen into the trap, cannot return the race course.  Controller cannot see his robot in the Mootan House from controlling space.  Controller can move by the advice of his assistant.  Robot can be attached wireless camera and be controlled through image on PC. 
Degree of Difficulty:★★★☆☆

Robot fallen down under the Mootan House, has to open the gate by pushing button switch set behind the floor in front of Swirling Straits.

The 4th attraction: Wobbly Bridge
A Board Bridge, which size are 400 mm width and 700 mm length, revolves on an axis.  If robots walk the edge of bridge, robots fall down from the bridge.  Robots have to walk slowly in the center of board.  Robot needs to have a low gravity.  Ten points button is also set beyond the bridge and one point button is set in the slope to the Reverse Street.
Degree of Difficulty:★★★★☆

The 5th attraction: Swirling Straits
Robot fallen down from the pitfall of Mootan House, has to pass through the most difficult Swirling Straits.  Space of 900 mm width and 1,000 mm length, filled with sponge balls is too hard to walk.   Robots need to have long legs.
Degree of Difficulty:★★★★★

The 6th attraction: Reverse Street
Belt conveyor street of 500 mm width and 700 mm is moving reverse direction.  Robot has to walk with high speed.  The conveyor is too narrow to walk for big robots.
Degree of Difficulty:★★★★★

KONDO LAND Multi-Legged Robot Obstacle Race is the competition for multi-legged robots and the 1st one was carried out at ROBOSPOT on
Dec 23, 2010.

Promotion of the 1st KONDO LAND competition , the 1st KONDO LAND competition, the 2nd one , the 3rd one , the 4th one , the 5th one  and the 6th one were described in this blog.

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