Nov 21, 2008

New Robots and Builders in 2008 ( Nov. 17, 2008)

I would like to introduce some new remarkable robots (builder’ name or handle) in 2008 .

`PHANTOM` (BLACK) was easily passed the qualification test which was walking through slopes and also passed preliminary competition of the 14th ROBO-ONE on Oct. 15th. The 14th ROBO-ONE’s qualification test was very hard for beginners even for expert builders. BLACK is making another robot `Duminas` for his wife, BISUKO. `PHANTOM` and `Duminas` joined robot Pro-Wrestling tag match against `Cromkid` and `Galue` those controller are Kupapa and Kumama, a famous couple among robot builders at Soka on Nov. 3rd .

Aonori3 (Kimura) was the 2nd place of the robot battle competition in Housei University and the champion of the robot battle competition in Waseda University. Kimura has built the robot `Aonori 3` very recently.

Desyumitto (GR2) was the 4th place of the Robot battle competition in Waseda University which was the first competition for `Desyumitto`. Gr2 joined the RT Battle Cup Basic class in Kantougakuin Univercity which was for kit robot, with `KHR-2 Desyumitto`. `KHR-2 Desyumitto` had a remarkable circle motion without leg yaw axis.

`Daigakku` (Akitsuka) was the 3rd place of Robofight Open regulation Class. Standard Regulation Class (SRC) robot `Daigakku` defeated Yogoroza, one of the 4 strong robots called four god machine in Kansai District of Japan. `Daigakku` also defeated Automo 03 one of the strong robots in Kyushu District. Of course, the winner of SRC was `Daigakku`.

I would like to expect them to play an active part in the next year.

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