Nov 10, 2008

Robofight Competition in Osaka (Nov 2-3, 2008)

Robofight, the biggest robot battle competition in the West Japan, sponsored Mr. Iwaki carried out on Nov. 2nd and 3rd in Osaka. Robofight has two class, one is over regulation class (ORC) which has no limitation of using high torque
servo motor(over 13kg/cm), the other is standard regulation class(SRC) which has limitation of using 5 and under high torque servo motor. SRC is for beginner who has kit based robot. Twenty-five robots entered the ORC and 39 robots entered SRC.

The winner of ORC was MON-Star, the second place was Cavalia, the third place was Daigakku. The winner and second place robots except for ROBO-ONE GP Robot can get the right to join the nest 15th ROBO-ONE Championship in next spring. As MON-Star is a ROBO-ONE GP Robot, Cavalia got the right. One more the right which get the regional robot was given to Yogoroza as Daigakku from Nagoay region.

The topic of this Robofight, SRC robot `Daigakku` defeated Yogoroza, one of the 4 strong robots called four god machine in West Japan. `Daigakku` also defeated Automo 03 one of strong robot in Kyushu District. Of course, the winner of SRC was Daigakku. Mr.Akitsuka, pilot of Daigakku told that the robot has a new structure and the mechanisam will open in his robot club`s web site in Daidou Tec. College. The video Daigakku vs Yogoroza and Daigakku vs Automo 03 are as follows:

Daigakku vs Yogoroza

Automo 03 vs ダイガック
Daigakku vs Automo 03

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