Feb 15, 2010

The 4th TIROL-CHOCO Robot Competition in Akihabara, Tokyo ( Feb 13, 2010 )

sponsored by MASAYUKI, supported by RT Co., Ltd. and cooperated by TIROL-CHOCO CO., took place at RT Office in Akihabara, Tokyo on Feb. 13th, 2010. The competition is for robots with TIROL-CHOCO exterior. The 1st competition was held on July 9th, 2007. After that, the completion took place every year. The 2nd competition was held on Feb 11th, 2008 and the 3rd competition was held on March 21st, 2009.

Regulation of robot body was as follows;
1) Robot had to put on big TIROL-CHOCO exterior, which size were bottom (100 mm x 100 mm), upper surface (86 mm x 86 mm) and height (46 mm) respectively.
2) Biped robot. Number of servo for legs was under 4. Total number of servo was not limited.
3) Control method such as autonomous, radio and wired was free.
Such type robots are known to Roppo type robot which was produced by Mr. Iwaski, Robot Force . Such type robot, Pirkus-R Type-02 (chobi) with 8 axes was also put on the market.

The competition was consisted with three kinds of games . Each robot got points depended on the order of each game.

1) Two m Foot Race with Obstacles
Robot walks 2 m course within 5 minutes. The order is depended on the time. If robot cannot walk for 2 m within 5 minutes, the order is depended on the distance from start line. Each robot can try twice and the best time is recorded. If 2 cm bump put in the course, the time is calculated to shorter.

2) TIROL-CHOCO Shooting
Three paper cups with TIROL-CHOCO on the top put on the field. Robot shoots the paper cups away at a distance of 65 cm. Robot gets dropped TIROL-CHOCO from the top of paper cup. The order is depended on the number of shot TIROL-CHOCO.

3) TIROL-CHOCO Carrying Race
Two arm-robots put on the 2 m course. Player removes TIROL-CHOCO from the basket of arm-robot to the basket on the robot. Each robot carries TIROL-CHOCO on the robot within 5 minutes for 2 m. The order is depended on the time and the number of TIROL-CHOCO carried.

After the 3 games, participants and watchers took a vote on which was the most popular TIROL-CHOCO robot and each robot got points depended on the vote. The winner was robot gotten the most total points of game and vote.

Six robots, BT-R (IKETOMU), Fuga (Igaa), Bosa-2gou (Mukouyama), Chocon-4 (KENTA), Fault (Kubo) and Puchro (KEG) attended the competition. As marketed robot, Robovie-i is fitting the body regulation, Bosa-2gou based Robovie-i joined the competition.

The most intersting game was TIROL-CHOCO Shooting game. Each robots had interesting shooting system. Especially, Fuga (Igaa) had ball type shooting system and got 32 points. Chocon-4 (KENTA) had missile type shooting system and got 24 points. Puchro (KEG) also had missile type shooting and got 7 points. All systems could be applied to the other game.

The winner was `Fuga`, custom-built by Igaa. The 2nd place was `Chocon-4`, custom-built by Kenta. The 3rd place was `BT-R`, custom-built Roppo type by IKETOMU. Chocon-4 also got the most elegant robot prize by the vote.

The video are as follows:

Two m Foot Race:BT-R, Fuga, Bosa-2gou, Chocon-4, Fault and Puchro. The winner was Fuga, the 2nd place was Chocon-4 and 3rd place was BT-R

TIROL-CHOCO Shooting:BT-R, Fuga, Bosa-2gou, Chocon-4, Fault and Puchro. The winner was Fuga, the 2nd place was Chocon-4 and 3rd place was Puchro.

TIROL-CHOCO Carrying Race:BT-R

TIROL-CHOCO Carrying Race:Fuga

TIROL-CHOCO Carrying Race:Bosa-2gou

TIROL-CHOCO Carrying Race:Chocon-4

TIROL-CHOCO Carrying Race:Fault

TIROL-CHOCO Carrying Race:Puchro

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