Nov 4, 2009

`YDH2500`, a new humanoid robot flame set for a new servo motor KRS-2552HV will be put on the market (Nov 5, 2009)

ROBOSPOT will put `YDH2500`, a new humanoid robot flame set, on the market on Nov. 10, 2009. YDH2500 is designed for building a robot using KRS-2552HV, just for using as the serial servo produced for biped robot by KONDO CO. LTD. The new set is designed by Mr. Yoshimura who called `God of ROBO-ONE`, also designed KHR series robot kit as KHR-1, 2, 3HV.

The new set is consisted of just parts and flames, excluding servo motor KRS-2552HV and control board. The set is produced by ITO REINETSU. To build a robot using this frame set, builder has to get 16 of KRS-2552HV, RCB-3HV which was discounted recently, battery, front cowling, board cover and cords. Manual of the set is uploaded at this site.

Feature of the new frame set, `YDH2500` is as follows;
1) The parts developed for KHR-2HV as the front cowling and bathtub sole, KHR series parts are also available for the new frame set.
2) The structure, the distance of servo to servo of new set is similar to those of the KHR-2HV. Therefore, the sample motions or original motions for KHR-2HV seem to be also available for the robot with the sets.
3) RCB-3HV, the most popular control board developed for KHR-2HV or RCB-4HV, the new control board for the KHR-3HV could be used as the control board.
4) It is the most suitable frame set for the user of KHR-2HV who would like to have an upper grade one.

YDH2500 flame set is consisted as follows; Flames and arms, Hones and free hones (made by Aluminum), Screws, Bath-tub sole S-01, Cable guide, Arm supporter 2500A, Hand set, Adaptor for extension.

The price of the first lot, 100 set is 12,600 yen(including tax), the next 2nd lot will be 16,800 yen (including tax).

As SC-2500B1 , the parts for KRS-2552HV designed by Mr. Yoshimura also have been put on the market, a robot builder could easily modify the robot built by the new set with them.

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