Dec 18, 2008

Robovie-X PRO, a highest class model, will be put on the market ( Dec 17, 2008 )

Vstone announced Robovie-X PRO using 16 high torque servos `VS-S281J` instead of `VS-S092J` will be put on the market. The robot is not a kit but just a constructed product. The shipment scheduled in the beginning of January, 2009 from Vstone or its web shop.

The characteristics of a new model are as follows:
1)Using high torque servo `VS-S281J` (28.5 kg/cm) which torque is 3 fold of `VS-S092J`(9.2 kg/cm) , makes up the mobility of the robot, for example the speed and stability of walking.

2)Considering the safety, the robot has a mechanism prevent finger from putting between arms and a handle for easy carrying.

3)The robot will be sold just from Vstone or its web shop with a robot-stand which keeps the robot standing. `VS-IX001`, a board for gyro sensor and position sensor is also included.

Specifications are as follows:
Length: 383(H)×180(W)×73(D)mm
Weight: 1.96kg(including battery)
Axis: 19 (head 1, arm 6, foot 12)
Servo: VS-S281 x16, VS-S0921J x3
CPU: VS-RC003HV ( including VS-IX001 board for gyro and position sensors)
Motion editor: RobovieMaker2
Battery: 6V Ni-H
OS: Windows2000/XP/Vista (in Japanese)
Interface: USB
Others: `VS-LED1`×2 for eyes