Apr 27, 2010

ISAMARO, a new robot kit was put on the market in Japan (April 26, 2010)

Robotama.com put ISAMARO, a new robot kit, on the market on April 26, 2010. ISAMARO was developed by Robotma.com. ISAMARO is also officially recognized robot kit by ROBO-ONE Committee.

ROBO-ONE Light 2nd, sponsored ROBO-ONE Committee, will take place at Institute of Industrial Promotion Kawasaki Hall on May 22th, 2010. ROBO-ONE Light is robot fight tournament for robots on the market, which are officially recognized by ROBO-ONE Committee. Beginner, who got robot from the market and want to attend the ROBO-ONE Tournament, also can attend the competition.

The specifications of ISAMARO are as follows:
Length: 440(H) mm
Weight: 1.670 g
Axis: 19
Servo: KRS-4024SHV with aluminum gear (torque 10.5kg・cm)
Controller: RCB-3HV
Battery: Lipo Battery
Price: 147,000 yen (including tax)

Price of the Starter set: 165,900 yen (including tax)
Robot kit
Gyro-sensor: 2 KRG-4
KRC-2D (Radio receiver and transmitter)

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Apr 26, 2010

The 20th KONDO CUP Robot Soccer Game in Akihabara, Tokyo (April 25, 2010)

The 20th KONDO CUP Robot Soccer Game Open Class sponsored by KONDO Co. Ltd. took place at ROBOSPOT in Akihabara, Tokyo on April 25th, 2010.

KONDO CUP, Robot Soccer Game started on June 5th, 2006. Almost every 2 month held games. There are two classes, one is KHR class which KHR-series robot such as KHR-1, 2, 3HV can attend the games. KHR robots changed 4 and less than 4 high-torque servos also attend the KHR class game. The other class, open class in which robots using just KONDO servo motor can attend the game and using of number of high-torque servo is not limited. KHR class games will also take place at ROBOSPOT on May 1st, 2010.

The first half time of the game is 5 minutes, the break time 1 min and the second half is 5 min. One team is consisted with 3 or four robots.  Just 3 robots can play soccer in the field. The soccer field of open class is larger than that of KHR class. The regulation of robot body and rules of soccer are described in the ROBOSPOT’ s web site.

Eight teams attended the open class. Eight teams were divided into 2 leagues. A-league teams were SKY, RFC-Bamboo-Bridge, Speed☆Stars and Team-Robotoma. B-league teams were Trinity, Kanto-Branch, SHIBAURA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY SRDC and Metallic-3-Brothers+α.  Each league had a league game and each the 1st place had a final game.

The 1st place of A-league was Speed☆Stars and B-league was Trinity. Speed☆Stars members were Saaga, Striker and Youhei-5. Trinity team members were Chromkid, Cancer, Sakura-2 and Garu. Chromkid and Garu changed their legs to normal type legs for soccer game. They attended the 17th ROBO-ONE with palallel linked legs. Because palallel linked legs are suitable for robot fight but not suitable for soccer game.

The final game was Speed☆Stars vs Trinity. Speed☆Stars got 2 goals. The champion team of the 20th KONDO CUP open class was Speed☆Stars. The result is here.

Some videos, A and B-league and the final game are as follows:

A-League: SKY vs RFC-Bamboo-Bridge, 2nd half. SKY team members were Fantom, Dyuminas and Deshumit, RFC- Bamboo-Bridge members were fighting-γ, Azusa-2 and Sou-0-rou. The winner team was SKY.

B-League:Trinity vs Metallic-3-Brothers, 2nd half. Trinity team members were Chromkid, Cancer, Sakura-2 and Garu. Metallic-3-Brothers+α team members were Metallic fighter, Metallic fighter red, Metallic fighter green and Suketto-1. The winner team was Trinity.

A-League:RFC-Bamboo-Bridge vs Speed☆Stars, 2nd half. RFC- Bamboo-Bridge members were fighting-γ, Azusa-2 and Sou-0-rou. Speed☆Stars members were Saaga, Striker and Youhei-5. The winner team was Speed☆Stars.

Final game 1st half: Speed☆Stars vs Trinity. The winner team was Speed☆Stars

Final game 2nd half: Speed☆Stars vs Trinity. The winner team was Speed☆Stars

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Apr 11, 2010

Trial of Survival Game with Multi-Legged Robots in Kichijyoji, Tokyo ( April 10, 2010)

Trial of survival game with multi-legged robots took place at the office of Dai-nihon-giken in Kichijyoji, Tokyo on April 10, 2010. Twelve members join the group of survival game with multi-legged robots. They are almost biped robot builders around Tokyo.

The organizer who are Tanaka , (Dai-nihon-giken) and Bishii , (Asakusa-giken) declared `the 1st Kanto Robot War` on Dec 4th, 2009. They announced that they began to make multi-legged robots with toy-gun and sensor for detecting the impact, which were controlled using image monitor as`Remo`. The movement of making multi-legged robot in Japan began from this announce. The multi-legged robot competition will take place during the 6th KHR Anniversary sponsored by KONDO Co. Ltd. in Asakusa, Tokyo on June 5th, 2010. Multi-legged robots will compete with their ability by the demonstration.

The main regulations of robot survival game are as follows;
1) Mobile bodies are not only multi-legged robot but also with wheel.
2) Weapons are toy-gun under 0.1 J and/or the other shooting system.
3) Equipped stopping mechanism of the body by gunshot sensor using a solar battery.
4) Robot control has to be done with the image on PC from the camera attached on the robot.
5) Members have to handle toy-gun carefully and put protector on eyes.

Ten members and 9 mobile bodies joined the trial meeting. There were 5 bodies with full equipments for the regulation. The other members were in the course of making equipments for the survival game. The purpose of meeting was also for exchanging opinions of the survival game system.

Multi-legged robots and builders attended were as follows;
`Cocktail’ with 4 legs and one tail is custom-built by Momiji. It has no equipments.
`BT (BLACK TIGER) L45` with 5 legs is custom-built by IKETOMU. As it is based biped robot body and using high powered servo motors, the mobility of it is high compared with other multi-legged ones. It has no equipments yet.
`Denryu’ with 4 wheel body is custom-built by Gons. It has full equipments.
`GAN-DOLLA` is modified radio control tank by Koizumi. It has just sensor.
`HILDOLFR-2` is modified radio control tank by Bishii. It has full equipments.
`Hinogazuchi` with 6 legs is custom-built by Tanaka. It also has full equipments.
`10-shiki Kohana-kai’ with 6 legs is custom-built by Gunso-san. It has just sensor.
`Siguma` with 6 legs is custom-built by Shimaken, who is the first builder of multi-lagged robot among biped robot builders. It also has full equipments.
`Vanga` with 6 legs and wheels is custom-built by Igaa. It can move very fast using wheel system. It has full 3 equipments such as gun, sensor and camera.

Three trial survival games and other tests took place. The 1st trial was carried out using camera image on PC in order to examine camera system. `Denryu’, `GAN-DOLLA`, `HILDOLFR-2`, `Hinogazuchi`, `Siguma`, `10-shiki Torahana-kai`, joined the trial. The video was as follows;

The 2nd trial was carried out without camera. `Denryu’, `GAN-DOLLA`, `HILDOLFR-2`, `Hinogazuchi`, `10-shiki Torahana-kai`, `Siguma` and `Vanga` joined the trial. The video was as follows;

The 3rd trial was carried out for the gunshot sensors using a solar battery and following body stopping system. As the result, the stopping system of `Vanga` worked within 1 min. On the other hand, the stopping system of Sigma did not work. It seemed that sensitivity of each sensor depend on the tension of aluminum cover over the solar battery. The video was as follows;

Examination of walking up slope was also carried out. `Siguma`, `Vanga`, `BT-L45 `and `10-shiki Torahana-kai` tried. The video was as follows;

Moving test of BT (BLACK TIGER)-L45 was also carried out in the game field. BT-L45 could move fast every direction. BT-L45 could also move at gallop. The video was as follows;

The details are also described Tanaka's Blog.

The sencond trials of Robot Survival Game also took place at Kanto-Gumi Robot Meeting in Minami-Senju, Tokyo on April 18, 2010. The videos were uploaded to Sanzai's Blog.

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