Dec 29, 2011

`Dekinnoka!10` Robot Pro-Wrestling Match took place at Tsukiji-Honganji Buddhist Hall in Tokyo (Dec 25, 2011)

Robot Professional Wrestling Match, `Dekinnoka!10`, produced by Omata-san took place at Tsukiji-Honganji Buddhist Hall in Tokyo on Dec 25, 2011.  

`Dekinnoka!` in Japanese, means `Can you do it?`. As Omata-san has been loving real professional wrestling, the 1st Robot Professional Wrestling in Soka on Nov. 3rd, 2008 was planned and held by him. He explained the 'Robot Professional Wrestling' was not 'Wrestling' but 'Fighting Arts'. The purpose of `Dekinnoka!` was not only robot fight but also to inform pleasure of robot.

President Mister Tamao of Robot Pro-Wrestling, who is Omata-san planned not only wrestling match but also the back story of each wrestler character such as a real pro-wrestling match. Promotion of Deknnoka!10 (Opening Movie)  has been uploaded.

Opening Movie

Robot Pro-Wrestling Rules

[Pro-Wrestling Rule]
●Victory or defeat is decided mainly by (1) three count fall, (2) knockout (KO; robot cannot stand up within 10 counts), (3) out of the ring (robot cannot return from ringside within 20 counts), (4) give up, (5) lose a game on a foul (robot attack to referee, robot continues a foul more than 5 counts) and (6) referee stop.
●If robot stops a foul within 5 counts, the robot loses a match on a foul.
●If the part of attacked or fell robot touches the ring rope, a attack or fall has to be released.

[ROBO-ONE Fight Rule]
●Victory or defeat is decided mainly by (1) robot cannot stand up within 10 counts, (2) 3 down in a round and (3) referee or doctor stop.
●Down is called when robot receives effective attack and (1) robot cannot move immediately or (2) robot cannot move regular.
●If victory or defeat is not decided within the fighting time of round, smaller down-counts robot wins the match. If each robot down-counts is same, referee decides the victory robot.

[Rumble Fight Rule]
●Robots fight in the ring without ring rope.
●Two robots fight in the beginning of the rumble fight, a robot joins the fight every one minutes.
●Robot fell down to the ringside is defeat,
●The defeat robot is thrown out of the fight and the survived robot on the ring is winner.
●Robots fight without down or fall decision.

Opening Match: Yukikaze Debut Match [ROBO-ONE Fight Rule] 10 minutes 1 Round
This is a debut match for Yukikaze.  He is from acrobat party and the most promising in Robot Pro-Wrestling.  Can he see traces of the damage to Wonder-for who is the gatekeeper of Robot Pro-Wrestling in this match?
Wonder-For vs Yukikaze

The 2nd Match: Atrocious Fiend vs Mad Dog [Pro-Wrestling Rule] 10 minutes 1 Round (Live from Akihabara)
This match was the best match of Dekinnoka! last year. It is interesting that trocious fiend Waroo vs mad dog Wanmi. Wanmi is a fashion model and she cannot come this hall today, therefore this match is live from ROBOSPOT in Akihabara.
Waroo vs Wanmi

The 3rd Match: Bachi-Bachi-Fight [ROBO-ONE Fight Rule] 10 minutes 1 Round
Zelpher's catchphrase is a beginner in high class. Zelpher went into an awful slump these days. Can Zelper recover from his slump in this match against Osaru who is a fighter of guts.
Zelpher vs Osaru

Mother of Osaru-kun also took a video of the match.

The 4th Match: Time Lag Battle Royal Match [Rumble Fight Rule] Time unlimited
Robots joined were ①Kazugon, ②Ryuketsu Kamen, ③BLACK TIGER 45, ④Poki Poki, ⑤Kyonkyon Kamen, ⑥Yamanote-Sen and ⑦Vanga.At first the 1st robot and the 2nd robot entered the ring and begin fight, after 1 minute later the 3rd robot joins the fight, then every 1 minute another robot joins the fight. Ring ropes of all side are removed for dropping out of ring. The winner is the robot survived on the ring. The winner was KyonKyonKamen.

I could not took a BLACK TIGER L45 scene because I had to hundle my BT-L45.

Lem-san also took a cool video of the rumble fight including BLACK TIGER L45.

Mother of Osaru-kun also took a video of the rumble fight including BLACK TIGER L45.

The 5th Match: Kumataro Retirement Match; No-Rope, Barbed Wire, High Voltage Current, Land Mine Blasting, Time Bomb Death Match [Pro-Wrestling Rule] 15 minutes 1 Fall
Kumataro retired once because of his injured knee, he came back to the ring by his intensity to Robot Pro-Wrestling. However his body condition is not so good for fight because of his waist hernia, he decided the 2nd retirement. King Kizer who entered to the Robot Pro-Wrestling at same time with Kumataro is now real champion of the ROBO-ONE Fighters.
Kumataro vs King Kizer

The 6th Match: Semifinal Match; Rival Final Fight[Pro-Wrestling Rule] Time unlimited 1 Fall
They fought four times in the past, Nagare Gold won four times. Defeated Thunderbolt has a worldwide top level performance and he also prepared a secret stratagem. Can he win a fight with rival Nagare Gold who has a time signal magic and panel magic?
Nagare Gold vs Thunderbolt

Lem-san also took a cool video of this match.

The 7th Match: Main Event; Kanto Robot Heavy Class championship [ROBO-ONE Fight Rule] 10 minutes 1 R.
Saaga, called Throwing Ogre, keeps champion long time using strong back drop. He got maximum votes in the last Dekinnoka!9 election and he showed his ability and popularity as No. 1 Robot Fighter. Mon Star is a huge robot, once a champion of ROBO-ONE Fight. Can Saaga throw the huge robot?
Saaga  vs Mon- Star

Lem-san uploaded cool pictures and also reported Dekinnoka!10 Main Event in his blog with cool video as follows;

Ending, Kumataro Retirement Ceremony
End of the Dekinnoka!10 was Kumataro Reirement ceremony. Friends of he, gave flowers and his picture panel.

Christmas Present from Flying Tokotoko-Maru
Tokotoko-Maru flew on the ring and distributed candies as christmas presents.

Dekinnoka!10 also reported in Sanzai-san's blog (in Japanese) and Lem-san's blog (1), (2), (3) with cool pictures and videos.

Omata-san carried out 9 times `Dekinnoka! as 1, 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5, 4, 5, 6, 7 8 and 9` during 3 years. `Deknnoka!` has been also supported by the members of Kanto-Training-Group.

Reports of `Dekinnoka!`, `Dekinnoka!2`, `Dekinnoka!3`, `Dekinnoka!5`, 'Dekinnoka!6' , Dekinnoka!7' , `Dekinnoka!8`  and `Dekinnoka!9` have been uploaded in this blog. Videos were also uploaded to the 'Dekinnoka Official Site` by Omata-san. You can watch the details of the Robot Professional Wrestling videos by clicking each 10 poster of `Deinnoka! 1, 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9`.

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