Jan 26, 2015

DeAGOSTINI Issued the 3rd Edition of `Weekly Robi` with Biped Robot Parts of Robi (Jan 20, 2015)

DeAGOSTINI issued weekly magazine, the 3rd edition of `Weekly Robi` with biped robot parts of Robi on Jan 20th, 2015.  Robi parts are attached every weekly magazine.   Robot will complete with 70 volumes of magazine. The first issue price is 799 yen including tax. Price of the 2nd issue will be 2047 yen excluding tax. 

DeAGOSTINI issued 200,000 books of the 1st issue in the 1st edition and 60,000 robots `Robi` completed last summer by 70 volumes of the 1st edtion.

DeAGOSTINI took place  a Dance Perfomance Show `100Robi` for a memorial day of the 3rd edtion issue on Jan. 20th. One hundred robots `Robi` were dancing as follows.

Gingmag also introduced the issue of `Weekly Robi` in English.

Tomotaka Takahashi who is well known as robot creator such as CHROINO, FT, ROPID, EVOLTA etc., designed Robi. 

Control board of Vstone Co., Ltd is used for the robot.   Servo motors of Futaba Corporation are used with 20 axes.  Voice-recognizing board and Human-detect-sensor are also attached.  The weight is 1 kg including battery and the height is 340 mm.

DeAGOSTINI  issued weekly magazine, `Weekly Robi` with biped robot parts of Robi the preliminary edition on Oct 30th, 2012, the 1st edition on Feb 19th, 2013 and the 2nd edition on Feb 25th, 2014.  DeAGOSTINI also issued weekly magazine, `Weekly ROBO XERO` with robot parts of ROBO XERO on Feb 8th, 2011.  Robot has completed with 70 volumes of magazine on June, 2012 and the details were described in this blog.

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KRS-3204 ICS, a new small KONDO servo, will be put on the market (Sep 23, 2014)

KONDO KAGAKU CO. LTD. announced a new small servo, KRS-3204 ICS would be put on the market late in October.

KRS-3204 ICS is a small servo of the standard type design. The servo is using a coreless motor and the output maximum torque is 9.3 kgf・cm (7.4V time) of the top-class with the mini-servo. Metal gears are adopted to secure the durability when the servos are used in biped robot.

The servo will ship out and be gotten from KONDO web shop or robot shops by late in October. 

Specifications are as follows:
Torque: 9.3 kgf・cm, Speed 0.13s/60° (7.4V)
Torque: 7.5 kgf・cm, Speed 0.18s/60° (6.0V)
Length: 33(H) ×16(W) × 26(D) mm
Weight: 27.2 g (excluding cable and servo-horn)
Maximum movement angle: 270° (+-135°)
Gear kind: Metal gear
Case materials: Resin
Gear ratio: 290.17:1
Power supply voltage: 6-7.4V
Cable: Rigid
Cable head: 350 mm (black cable)
Connector: Servo connector
Communication standard: ICS3.5 (serial /PWM choice type)
Controller: RCB-3HV, RCB-4HV, KCB-5 and RCB-3J(PWM only)
Price: One servo package is 8,800 yen (Excluding Tax)

Attentions for using this servo are as follows:
※This product is a servo for 6-7.4V.  It does not support battery for HV.
※The cable is rigid.
※Not for the daisy chain connection between servos.
※When you use it in RCB-4HV, please prepare a divergence board.
※When you use it by Ni-MH5 cell (6V), the combination of RCB-4HV/3HV and Li-Fe2 cell (6.6V), please use booster 3 (voltage up circuit).  In the case of the use, it is not particularly necessary in Li-Po2 cell (7.4V).
※The initial setting is PWM mode. When you use it with a serial number, you use Dual USB adapter HS or ICS USB adapter HS and ICS manager software, and, please set mode reshuffling and the ID number. Because it is PWM mode at the time of the shipment, even the microcomputer board of other companies is just connected and is available.

The exhibition match of Chibi-Meta and Garukid, which were biped robots using KRS-3204 ICS took place in the KHR 10th Anniversary.

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