Dec 3, 2013

The 30th KONDO CUP Robot Soccer Game Open Class at ROBOSPOT in Akihabara, Tokyo (Dec. 1, 2013)

The 30th KONDO CUP Robot Soccer Game Open Class took place at ROBOSPOT in Akihabara, Tokyo on Dec 1, 2013.

The Open Class joined four teams had a preliminary league. Teams joined were Trinity (Chromkid, Garoo, Cavalier) , Team Shisenkai (Metalic-Black, Metalic-Red, Mikan-sulippa), Speed☆Stars (Saaga, Striker, Azusa-2gou-Fgata) and IKEIKE (BLACK TIGER ACE, ROBOSPOT-A, ROBOSPOT-B).  Preliminary league had 6 games.

Final game was carried out between the 1st place team (Speed☆Stars) and 2nd place team (Trinity) of the preliminary league.  The winner was Team Speed☆Stars (1-0). Results were described in KONDO's web site.

Final Game, the 2nd half, Speed☆Stars (Saaga, Striker, Azusa-2gou-Fgata) vs Trinity (Chromkid, Garoo, Cavalier) 

KONDO CUP, Robot Soccer Game started on June 5th, 2006.  KONDO Co. Ltd. almost held the games at ROBOSPOT for two days, on Saturday and Sunday. There are two classes, one is KHR Class which KHR-series robot such as KHR-1, 1HV, 2HV, 3HV can attend KHR Class game. KHR robots changed 4 and less than 4 high-torque servos such as KRS-4013HV, KRS-4014HV, KRS-2350HV also attend KHR Class game. The other class, Open Class which robots using just KONDO servo motor can attend Open Class game and the number of high-torque servo is not limited.

In the Open Class game, the first half was 5 minutes, halftime 1 min and the second half was 5 minutes. One team is consisted with 3 or 4 robots.  Just 3 robots can play soccer in the field. The soccer field of Open Class is larger than that of KHR Class. The regulation of robot body and rules of soccer are described in the KONDO’s web site.

The 14th KONDO CUP Open Class ( Feb 14, 2009) , The 20th KONDO CUP Open Class (April 25, 2010) , The 20th KONDO CUP KHR Class (May 1, 2010) ,
The 21st KONDO CUP KHR Class ( June 6, 2010 ) , The 22nd KONDO CUP KHR Class (Oct 2, 2010) , The 23rd KONDO CUP KHR Class (Dec 4, 2010) , The 23rd KONDO CUP Open Class (Dec 5, 2010) , The 25th KONDO CUP KHR Class (June 18, 2011) and the 29th KONDO CUP Open Class (July 28, 2013) were described in this blog.

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