Nov 30, 2009

ROBO-ONE GATE Special Event, `SUNRISE Hero Robot Battle` in INTERNATIONAL ROBOT EXHIBITION 2009 (Nov. 28th, 2009)

`SUNRISE Hero Robot Battle` (S.H.R.B) took place in INTERNATIONAL ROBOT EXHIBITION 2009 at TOKYO BIG SIGHT on Nov. 28th, 2009. S.H.R.B. is a robot fight tournament sponsored by ROBO-ONE Entertainment Office and LOXLEY Co. Ltd. and also supported by SUNRISE Inc. which is famous for animation producing company such as `Gundum`.

This S.H.R.B. tournament was the second one, the first one was carried out in Kouriyama on Aug. 15th, 2009. As S.H.R.B. was also including `Costume Play` competition of the robot builder, builders were all enjoyed their costume. The details of the 1st S.H.R.B. were described in Robot Watch .

The regulations were as follows; Character of the robot was limited to those of cartoon characters produced by SUNRISE Inc. Robot worked as a biped robot. Pilot also had to have or put on the item concerning character of the robot. It was possible to order of the song when robot entered the ring. The winner got a prize from SUNRISE Inc.

Eleven robots joined the tournament. The most popular character was Gundam. There was no regulation concerning the weight and size of robot, therefore there were some remakable matches with a big diffence of size of robot.

The winner was MS-06S ZakuⅡby Kumama, its character was `Zaku` in Gundam, attached original aluminum cover and moving red eye (You can cerfify in the video). The 2nd place was automo 06 (WAKA) by holypong, attached Gundam cover made from special paper craft. The 3rd place was also Gundam small size, GUNDAM MK-2 MAKO Custom, which body was plastic figure attached special small survo by Mako (You can also cerfify in the video).

The videos of some robot joined the tournament in the stuff room were as follows; these robots were MS-06S ZakuⅡ, D.O.M., S D Layzner, GUNDAM MK-2 MAKO Custom, Meranblue in DeKAHRU.

The videos of the tournament were as follows;
1st stage; Emillo Type X2 vs GUNDAM MK-2 MAKO Custom.
The winner was GUNDAM MK-2 MAKO Custom.

1st stage; D.O.M. vs S D Layzner. The winner was Layzner.

2nd stage; MS-06S ZakuⅡ vs Layzner.
The winner was MS-06S ZakuⅡ.

2nd stage; GAT vs 1/100 MS-14S. The winner was GAT.

Semififal; MS-06S ZakuⅡvs GUNDAM MK-2 MAKO Custom.
The winner was MS-06S ZakuⅡ.

Semifinal; automo 06 (WAKA) vs GAT.
The winner was automo 06 (WAKA) .

For 3rd place; GUNDAM MK-2 MAKO Custom vs GAT.
The winner was GUNDAM MK-2 MAKO Custom .

Final match; automo 06 (WAKA) vs MS-06S ZakuⅡ.
The winner was MS-06S ZakuⅡby TKO.

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Nov 29, 2009

`The 6th ROBO-ONE GATE IN INTERNATIONAL ROBOT EXHIBITION 2009` Robot Dancing Competition (Nov. 28, 2009)

`The 6th ROBO-ONE GATE IN INTERNATIONAL ROBOT EXHIBITION 2009` dance competition sponsored by ROBO-ONE entertainment exclusive office took place in Tokyo Big Sight, during INTERNATIONAL ROBOT EXHIBITION 2009 , on Nov. 28th, 2009.

ROBO-ONE GATE is biped robot competition which ROBO-ONE entertainment exclusive office manages. ROBO-ONE GATE has aimed toward the development of the biped robot competition which it can participate with ease even with the beginner, and the demand enlargement of humanoid hobby robot. The 1st to 4th ROBO-ONE GATE competitions were robot fight tournament and the 5th and 6th were changed to robot dancing competition. The preliminary event of the 14th ROBO-ONE tournament was Robot dancing. Robot dancing is expected to be a new popular robot competition.

Eight robot groups and 3 special guest robot groups joined the competition. There was no regulation except for biped robot. The dance match carried out by each robot dancing with each ordered song. After dancing, audience took a popular vote and judges also voted. The robot gotten a bigger applause was winner. The winner of the 6th competition got the right of joining the 17th ROBO-ONE tournament on March 21st, 2010.

The most impressed robot was Doka Harumi by Doka Project. The weight was about 15 kg. She danced very smooth and charming as a young girl. The champoion was `RyukiⅡ` by AZM LAB, danced `Joyful`Ikimonogakari. The 2nd place was `BLACK TIGER NEO` by IKETOMU danced `THRILLER` Michael Jackson.

The dancing of entry robot videos were as follows;

`A-R-SHI, Arashi` by waver (sound waver)

`INVOKE , T M Revolution` by Phantom-1 (BLACK)

`LOVE & JOY, Yuhi Kimura` by Doka Harumi (Doka Project)

`Thriller, Michael Jackson` by BLACK TIGER NEO (IKETOMU).
The 2nd Place of the 6th ROBO-ONE-GATE Dance competition.

`Joyful, Ikimonogakari` by Ryuki Ⅱ (AZM LAB).
The Champion of the 6th ROBO-ONE-GATE Dance competition.

The special guest player's dancing videos were as follows;

`TINYWAVE Special` by TINYWAVE (Sugiura Family)

`Kingrass Hoppers` by Manoi GO (MANOI Planning & Dr. GIY)

`Nichibu Tokotoko Special` by Tokotokomaru (Team Tokotoko)

Dance of BLACK TIGER NEO was also introduced in POPSCI.

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Nov 22, 2009

The 13th Itabashi-Industry Fair Robot Contest in Itabashi-ku, Tokyo (Nov. 21st, 2009)

The 13th Itabashi-Industry Fair Robot Contest was carried out at the site of Itabashi-Industry Fair on Nov. 21st, 2009. The robot contest was sponsored by Kanto Robot Union consisted of four robot venture companies around Tokyo, which were Techno-road Co. Ltd., Asakusagiken , Pirkus, Inc. and MANOI Planning .

Twenty-one robots joined the contest. The preliminary event was a gymkhana (autocross). There were 3 poles and robots walked the course for 2 minutes. Side walking was prohibited. The order was depended on the number of rounds. It was remarkable regulation that walking in the squatting position was strictly prohibited. It was requested the nee angle always has to keep more than 90 °. This regulation was the first attempt of the competition. Even in the ROBO-ONE, the request was keeping more than 90 °excluding during raising the foot. It was hard regulation for robot builders.

The best record was 7 rounds(2min.8sec.98) by Saaga, the 2nd record was 5 rounds (2min.15sec.35) by Deshumit by GR2 and the 3rd record was Phantom (2min.30sec.42) by Black. Upper 8 places could join the final fight tournament.

The final fight tournament was carried out using the 17th ROBO-ONE rule. The winner was Gargoil-mini, got a prize of one hundred thousand yen, the second place was Garoo, got a prize fifty thousand yen and the 3rd place was Saaga, got thirty thousand yen. The detail are also described in Robot Watch.

The videos of preliminary event gymkhana were as follows;



Saaga, the best record

The videoes of the final fight tournament were as follows;
Quarterfinal match: Garoo vs Deshumit, the winner was Garoo.

Quarterfinal match: Ryuki2 vs Phantom, the winner was Ryuki2

Semifinal match: Groo vs Saaga, the winner was Garoo.

Semifinal match: Gargoil-mini vs Ryuki-2, the winner was Gargoil-mini.

For 3rd place match: Saaga vs Ryuki-2, the 3rd place was Saaga

Final match: Gargoil-mini vs Garoo, the winner was Gargoil-mini

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Nov 8, 2009

Robot Fight Competition in Waseda University (Nov 8, 2009)

The 2nd Robot Fight Competition was carried out in the 56th Rikou-Exhibition of Waseda University at the Nishi-Waseda Riko campus, Tokyo on Nov. 8th, 2009. The 1st Robot competition was carried out on Nov. 3rd, 2008.

The main event was ROBO-ONE tournament and a popularity vote to the robot was also carried out from seeing the fight. For the boys visited the robot competition, robot operating experience was also carried out and a lot of boys enjoyed the robot operating.

Twenty-one robots joined the competition. About the half of robot owner were sudent and the rest was working members of the socity.

The winner of the tournament was Chrom-Kid (Kupapa). The 2nd place was De-KAHRU (Douraku). The No.1 popular robot was Dyuminus and the 2nd place was Phantom. The video of the tourment were as follows:

Semifinal, Garoo vs Chrom-Kind. Chrom-Kid was the winner.

Semifinal, De-KAHRU vs Shaftgrum. De-KAHRU was the winner.

Final match, Chrom-Kid vs De-KAHRU. Chrom-Kid was the winner.

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Nov 4, 2009

`YDH2500`, a new humanoid robot flame set for a new servo motor KRS-2552HV will be put on the market (Nov 5, 2009)

ROBOSPOT will put `YDH2500`, a new humanoid robot flame set, on the market on Nov. 10, 2009. YDH2500 is designed for building a robot using KRS-2552HV, just for using as the serial servo produced for biped robot by KONDO CO. LTD. The new set is designed by Mr. Yoshimura who called `God of ROBO-ONE`, also designed KHR series robot kit as KHR-1, 2, 3HV.

The new set is consisted of just parts and flames, excluding servo motor KRS-2552HV and control board. The set is produced by ITO REINETSU. To build a robot using this frame set, builder has to get 16 of KRS-2552HV, RCB-3HV which was discounted recently, battery, front cowling, board cover and cords. Manual of the set is uploaded at this site.

Feature of the new frame set, `YDH2500` is as follows;
1) The parts developed for KHR-2HV as the front cowling and bathtub sole, KHR series parts are also available for the new frame set.
2) The structure, the distance of servo to servo of new set is similar to those of the KHR-2HV. Therefore, the sample motions or original motions for KHR-2HV seem to be also available for the robot with the sets.
3) RCB-3HV, the most popular control board developed for KHR-2HV or RCB-4HV, the new control board for the KHR-3HV could be used as the control board.
4) It is the most suitable frame set for the user of KHR-2HV who would like to have an upper grade one.

YDH2500 flame set is consisted as follows; Flames and arms, Hones and free hones (made by Aluminum), Screws, Bath-tub sole S-01, Cable guide, Arm supporter 2500A, Hand set, Adaptor for extension.

The price of the first lot, 100 set is 12,600 yen(including tax), the next 2nd lot will be 16,800 yen (including tax).

As SC-2500B1 , the parts for KRS-2552HV designed by Mr. Yoshimura also have been put on the market, a robot builder could easily modify the robot built by the new set with them.

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Robot Professional Wrestling Match, `Dekinnoka 5` in Soka on Nov 3rd 2009

Robot Professional Wrestling Match, Dekinnoka 5, sponsored by Mr. Omata was carried out at the main ground of Soka-Fusasara Festival in Soka City, Saitama prefecture on Nov. 3rd 2009.

`Dekinnoka` in Japanese, means `Can you do it`? Mr. Omata who loving real professional wrestling, carried out the first Robot Professional Wrestling in Soka on Nov. 3rd, 2008. He explained the 'Robot Professional Wrestling' was not 'Wrestling' but 'Fighting Arts'. The purpose was not only robot fight but also to inform pleasure of robot.

For 'Robot Professional Wrestling Match, the ring surrounded by 3 ropes with red and blue corner like a real 'Professional Wrestling` was prepared. He carried out 7 times `Deinnnoka` during one year. `Deknnoka` has been also supported by the members of the Kanto-training gumi(group). The details of `Deknnoka 2` and `Deknnoka 3` were uploaded in this blog. The details and videos of `Dekinnoka 5` are as follows;

At first as the opening performance, 3 robots played music. Kinopy played the xylophone, Myanoi played the maracas and rsv3 played drum.

The 1st fight was Kanto-heavy-weight single match, Nagaregold vs Thunderbolt. Nagaregold set as having a power using chime and Thunderbolt set as having a power using noisy sound during the fight. Nagaregold won the fight by suing of chime power.

The 2nd fight was the Kanto Heavy Weight Tag Championship title match. As former tag champion rsv3 & Sakura-2 return the champion belts, three pair robots fight to get the title of Kanto Heavy Weight Tag Championship. Three pairs are Kumataro & Kumahiko(a bear doll), Kometa & Chokochoko-maru, Phantom & Dhuminus . One of the pair robot fell down of the ring was loser. The winner pair was Phantom & Dhuminus and got the tag champion belts.

The 3rd fight was the main event of Dekinnnoka 5, the Kanto Heavy Weight Championship title match, the champion Saga vs the challenger Garoo. Saga is well-known as its skill of throwing, on the other hand Garoo is well-known as its thrusting punch. Saga won the fight and kept his champion belt.

Videos were also uploaded by Mr. Omata as follows:'Dekinnoka Official Site`. You can watch the details of the Robot Professional Wrestling videos by clicking each 7 poster of `Deinnoka 1, 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5, 4 and 5`.

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Nov 2, 2009

The 2nd Robot Competition in HOSEI UNIVERSITY ( Nov. 1, 2009)

The 2nd Robot Fight Competition sponsored by Electric Study Club of HOSEI UNIVERSITY was carried out at HOSEI UNIVERSITY Koganei Campus in Koganei City, Tokyo on Nov 1st, 2009.

There are 4 university student clubs of the biped robot around Tokyo. Each club plans robot competition with various unique games on the day of university festival every year. Their University club competitions are as followes; SHIBAURA INSTITUTE TECHNOLOGY , HOSEI UNIVERSITY , Waseda University and Tokyo University of Science .

Twenty biped robots joined the competition and three kinds of game were carried out. They came up with various ideas to make the game interesting. The first game was Big Ball Pushing match, 2 robots push a big ball (real soccer ball) each other for 1 minute in the field (180 cm x 90 cm).

The second game was ROBO-ONE tournament, a robot fight competition using the regulation that of the 16th ROBO-ONE. The robot got 3 downs including out of the field won the match. As there were big weight differences among robots, light weight robots were given handicap when they fought with heavy robots for 3 minutes. The field size was 180 cm square.

The 3rd game was a tag match fight. Two paired robots tied with the cord fought for 5 minutes in the 180 cm square field. The pair gone out of the field or cut the cord was loser.

The winner of the ROBO-ONE tournament was Chrom-Kid, the second place was Garoo. The winner pair of the tag match fight was Zaura and Koyuki, the second place pair Garoo and Adel. The total champion was Garoo, the second place was Chrom-Kid, the third place was Koyuki. There was also ramble fight, the winner was Deshumit.

The competition videos are as follows;

The 1st game, Big Ball Pushing match. Three rounds were carried out in the each match. The winner of the round got 2 points. This video was collected highlights each one round of the match.

The 2nd game, ROBO-ONE tournament. This video was collected highlights of the 1st stage of tournament.

The 2nd game, ROBO-ONE tournament. This video was collected highlights of the 2nd and 3rd stage of tournament.

The 2nd game, ROBO-ONE tournament. This vide was collected semifinals of the torunament.

The 2nd game, ROBO-ONE tournament. This video was Final match of the tournament.

The 3rd game, Tag match tournament. This video was Semifinal matches of the tournament.

The 3rd game, Tag match tournament. This video was Final match of the tournament.

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