Dec 18, 2008

Robovie-X PRO, a highest class model, will be put on the market ( Dec 17, 2008 )

Vstone announced Robovie-X PRO using 16 high torque servos `VS-S281J` instead of `VS-S092J` will be put on the market. The robot is not a kit but just a constructed product. The shipment scheduled in the beginning of January, 2009 from Vstone or its web shop.

The characteristics of a new model are as follows:
1)Using high torque servo `VS-S281J` (28.5 kg/cm) which torque is 3 fold of `VS-S092J`(9.2 kg/cm) , makes up the mobility of the robot, for example the speed and stability of walking.

2)Considering the safety, the robot has a mechanism prevent finger from putting between arms and a handle for easy carrying.

3)The robot will be sold just from Vstone or its web shop with a robot-stand which keeps the robot standing. `VS-IX001`, a board for gyro sensor and position sensor is also included.

Specifications are as follows:
Length: 383(H)×180(W)×73(D)mm
Weight: 1.96kg(including battery)
Axis: 19 (head 1, arm 6, foot 12)
Servo: VS-S281 x16, VS-S0921J x3
CPU: VS-RC003HV ( including VS-IX001 board for gyro and position sensors)
Motion editor: RobovieMaker2
Battery: 6V Ni-H
OS: Windows2000/XP/Vista (in Japanese)
Interface: USB
Others: `VS-LED1`×2 for eyes

Nov 24, 2008

Autonomous Robot Beach Flag Competition in Ciba ( Nov. 23, 2008 )

The second `Autonomous Robot Beach Flag Competition` sponsored by KONDO CO. LED was carried out at Chiba Institute of Technology ( JR Sobu-line Tsudanuma in Chiba Prefecture ) on Nov. 23, 2008. The first competition was held in the 4th KHR Anniversary robot competition on June 7, 2008.

Robot Beach Flag game is similar to human's one. Two robots start from each opposite side and push down the pole sat in the center. The robot push down the pole at first is winner. The game was carried out in the court that of KONDO CUP Succor. The pole ( beach flag ) attached 40kHz ultra sonic wave sender was sat in the center circle.

As radio control is prohibited, all robots have to move autonomously. Just robots based KHR-1, KHR-2HV or KHR-1HV could join the competition. There were two classes, one was student class and the other was expert class. The robot joined the student class has to use KCB-1 as sensor control board and the robot joined expert class has no limitation concerning sensor control board. Eight team robots joined to the student class and 2 robots joined to the expert class.

It is necessary for winning the competition to reproduce the movement accurately. Because the winner is the robot could push down the pole at first in each game. The robot has to win each game. The Robot with best time is not always the champion.

The winner of the student class was `Yakushin Ver. Kaijin`(Nihon Kougakuin College of Hachioji), the second place was `Isokou-Walker`(Kanagawakenritsu Isoko-technological high school) and the third place was `Gram Replica`(Shibaura Institute Technology SRDC). The best time of the student class was 25.14 sec by `Isokou-Walker`. The winner of expert class was `BLACK TIGER`(IKETOMU).

The best time robot `Isokou-Walker` has 3 of ultra sonic wave sensors (USW) and 5 PSD sensors. When the robot start, the USW sensor system was used and when the robot was in the short distance from pole, the PSD sensor system was used.

The videos are as follows:

Isoko-Walker vs G, the semifinal 1st game

Isoko-Walker vs G, the semifinal 2nd game
Isoko-Walker recorded the best time 25.14 sec.

Gram Replica vs Syusaku-1, for the 3rd place 1st game

Gram Replica vs Syusaku-1, for the 3rd place 2nd game

Yakushin Ver. Kaijin vs Isoko-Walker, the final 1st game

Yakushin Ver. Kaijin vs Isoko-Walker, the final 2nd game

Nov 21, 2008

New Parts of Robovie-X are put on the market ( Nov 22, 2008 )

Vinstone puts 3 kinds of new parts set which could use high torque servo of Robovie-X on the market on Nov. 28th. The new parts could use high torque servo `VS-S281J` (28.5 kg・cm) instead of standard one `VS-S092J` (9.2 kg・cm). Changing the standard servo to high torque one make robot ability go up. The parts could use Robovie-X and Robovie-X Lite. It is necessary to modify the motion of robot some extent when the servo changed to high torque one.

For knee pitch axis parts for changing high torque servo `Robovie-X Hi-Power Kit A`
`Robovie-X Hi-Power Kit A` is for changing knees servos to high torque ones. Changing to high torque servo of the knee which supports the weight of robot make the walking speed and stability up. The high torque servo is also tough because of using metal gear. The kit includes 2 high torque servos.

For thigh roll axis parts for changing high torque servo `Robovie-X Hi-Power Kit B`
`Robovie-X Hi-Power Kit B` is for changing thigh servos to high torque ones. Changing to high torque servo of the thigh make the side walking speed and stability up. The kit is useful for battle and soccer. The kit includes 2 high torque servos.
*It could also add the thigh yaw axis by using 2 servo `VS-S92J` .

For knee pitch axis and thigh roll axis parts for changing high torque servo`Robovie-X Hi-Power Kit C`
Robovie-X Hi-Power Kit C is combined kit with Hi-Power Kit A and B.

Vinston put a biped robot kit `Robovie-X` on the market in Feb. 2008, and also put on a cheaper one, `Robovie-X Lite` in Apr. 2008. Then Vinston put a high torque servo `VS-S281J` which torque is 28.5 kg・cm, 3 fold of that of standard servo `VS-S092J` in July 2008.

Organization of JSRC ( Standard Regulation Class Network of Japan) was announced. JSRC is expected to increase the opportunity joining the competition for builders who are remodeling the robot kit or beginner with kit robot. Hobbyists could use 5 high torque servos in standard regulation class, Robovie –X user could easily change his robot’s servo to high torque one using these Hi-Power Kits.

New Robots and Builders in 2008 ( Nov. 17, 2008)

I would like to introduce some new remarkable robots (builder’ name or handle) in 2008 .

`PHANTOM` (BLACK) was easily passed the qualification test which was walking through slopes and also passed preliminary competition of the 14th ROBO-ONE on Oct. 15th. The 14th ROBO-ONE’s qualification test was very hard for beginners even for expert builders. BLACK is making another robot `Duminas` for his wife, BISUKO. `PHANTOM` and `Duminas` joined robot Pro-Wrestling tag match against `Cromkid` and `Galue` those controller are Kupapa and Kumama, a famous couple among robot builders at Soka on Nov. 3rd .

Aonori3 (Kimura) was the 2nd place of the robot battle competition in Housei University and the champion of the robot battle competition in Waseda University. Kimura has built the robot `Aonori 3` very recently.

Desyumitto (GR2) was the 4th place of the Robot battle competition in Waseda University which was the first competition for `Desyumitto`. Gr2 joined the RT Battle Cup Basic class in Kantougakuin Univercity which was for kit robot, with `KHR-2 Desyumitto`. `KHR-2 Desyumitto` had a remarkable circle motion without leg yaw axis.

`Daigakku` (Akitsuka) was the 3rd place of Robofight Open regulation Class. Standard Regulation Class (SRC) robot `Daigakku` defeated Yogoroza, one of the 4 strong robots called four god machine in Kansai District of Japan. `Daigakku` also defeated Automo 03 one of the strong robots in Kyushu District. Of course, the winner of SRC was `Daigakku`.

I would like to expect them to play an active part in the next year.

Nov 14, 2008

`MELISSA`, new robot parts sets for KRS-4000 series were put on the market (Nov 14, 2008)

CRAFT HOUSE put `MELISSA`, new robot parts set, on the market on Nov. 14, 2008. MELISSA is KRS4000 Series Standard Model, just for using the servo produced for biped robot by KONDO CO. LTD. New kits are consisted of just parts, excluded servo and control board.

Feature of MELISSA is as follows
1)MELISSA is consist of parts which on the market. Most flame parts are produced by ITO REINETSU . So the part of `MELISSA` easily get another shop except for body and leg.
2)The Leg size is 15 cm short length, and it makes robot gravity lower. Lower gravity makes robots walk stable.
3)The height is 34 cm, the same size that of KHR-2 from KONDO CO. LED. It makes the robot handle easy.
4)The kit has similar proportion of human. `MELISSA` has a body yaw axis and an arm axis, so those make the motion of robot like human.
5)Upgrading is easy by exchanging the servo to high torque servo, because the flame fits KRS4000 series servo.
6)`MERISSA` is just parts set, so robot builder can make another robot using their surplus servo and parts with the kit. The parts of `MELISSA` for example, body or legs, also get from Hobby Robot site of CRAFT HOUSE.

`MELISSA` is suitable for Standard Regulation Class (SRC) which is limited number of high torque servo as five. `MELISSA `could use 5 servos fully, because it has a body yaw axis. Robot builder also could change the joint easily which high torque servo used. If builder want to make the SRC robot to Open Regulation Class (ORC), he just changes to the high torque servo by his budget. `MELISSA` seems to be not suitable for beginners, because the kit has not sample motions like KHR series. Furthermore, it is necessary to use some high torque servo because of its heavier weight compared with that of KHR-2.

Organization of “JSRC”( Standard Regulation Class Network of Japan) was announced at `Robofight` in Osaka( Nov 2-3, 2008)

Organization of JSRC(Japan Standard Class Robot Community) was announced by Mr. Iwaki during ‘Robofight`’( Nov 2-3, 2008) in Osaka.
In the robot competition of the network, the fuselage standard of the Standard Regulation Class (SRC) which has been adopted in the biped robot competition “Robofight” “Robogong” will be used. The SRC is also the class for builder who are remodeling kit robot or beginner with a kit robot in Robotforce.

The group which approves to network (the inside of the parenthesis is competition name) are 6 groups; Kyushu Robot Training Meeting (YOKA Robo Festival), Kagawa Humanoid Robot Workshop (Robo Country ), Chubu Robot Promoting Commission (RoBo☆CHAMP), Himeji Robo-Challenge Executive Committee (Himeji Robo-Challenge), ROBO-PRO (Robo-Pro Challenge Cup and Robo -Pro Station), Robotforce (Robofight and Robogong) .

From Nov 2008 to Jan 2009 , it decides each representative in the competition which the above-mentioned group sponsored. The Championship of the representatives will be held on Jan 11th 2009, the day of “Robogong 9th” in Osaka.

Features of the JSRC standard are marketing robot kit based standard, limitation of number of using large torque servo, limitation of the fuselage size and looser weight limitation.

The reason of “marketing robot kit based standard” is to increase the participation of robot user. The reason of “the restriction of the number of using large torque servo” is to control of power competition and cost in builder. The reason of “ setting of the upper limit of fuselage size” is easy to join the competition for the beginner. The difference from other competition standard is the “looser weight limitation”. The reason is to leave the margin of development or improvement. If weight limitation is so hard, trying new idea sometimes makes weight over. Therefore, the room is given conversely in regard to weight.

Concerning the main body regulation of SRC as follows.
*Weight :Below 2.9kg
*Size :Within height 40cm , front to back 60cm, left to right 60cm
*Sole size :The marketing robot (KHR-1&2, ROBONOVA-I and RB-1000 etc) and in case of its remodelling robot, the larger one those of genuine products or ROBO-ONE lightweight class (below 2kg) is adopted. In the case of the original robot, that of the latest ROBO-ONE lightweight class (below 2kg) is adopted. The qualification test would not be done.
*Servo :30 or less 9 or more. In addition in case of either the marketing robot, the remodelling robot or the original robot, the number of servo with torque of 13kg cm or more is 5 or less.

Biped robot hobbyist could be divided into four class, the 1st class builders have original robots for example ROBO-ONE GP, the second class builder have original robots with high torque servos, the third class builder have kit based robots or remodeled robots using several high torque servos and the forth class are beginners with kit robots marketing.

ROBO-ONE and almost other robot competitions have only open class and did not divide the class as standard class and open class. There were not standard class except for ‘Robofight’ and ‘Robogong’ produced by Mr. Iwaki. Therefore, the third class robot builder could not win the competition because of the difference of power of the robot. As the standard class includes the third class and the forth class, JSRC is expected to increase the opportunity joining the competition for builders who are remodeling the robot kit or beginner with kit robot.

Nov 11, 2008

Robot Professional Wrestling Battle in Soka (Nov 3, 2008)

Robot Professional Wrestling Battle, sponsored by Mr. Omata was carried out in Soka on Nov. 3rd 2008. He explained the 'Robot Professional Wrestling' was not 'Wrestling' but 'Fighting Arts'. The purpose was not only robot battle but also to inform pleasure of robot.

For 'Robot Professional Wrestling', the ring surrounded by 3 ropes with red and blue corner like real 'Professional Wrestling` was prepared at Matsubara Hiroba in Soka City. There were some single matches and tag matches.

The final match was the memorial match 'Kumataro' vs `Metalic Fighter. 'Kumataro' was a little bear shaped robot made by Ms. Naoko and going to retire from robot battle this battle as last match. 'Metalic Fighter' is one of the famous robots in Japan made by Mr. Morinaga who is calling 'Father of ROBO-ONE'.

The videos are as follows:'Dekinnoka`

Nov 10, 2008

Robofight Competition in Osaka (Nov 2-3, 2008)

Robofight, the biggest robot battle competition in the West Japan, sponsored Mr. Iwaki carried out on Nov. 2nd and 3rd in Osaka. Robofight has two class, one is over regulation class (ORC) which has no limitation of using high torque
servo motor(over 13kg/cm), the other is standard regulation class(SRC) which has limitation of using 5 and under high torque servo motor. SRC is for beginner who has kit based robot. Twenty-five robots entered the ORC and 39 robots entered SRC.

The winner of ORC was MON-Star, the second place was Cavalia, the third place was Daigakku. The winner and second place robots except for ROBO-ONE GP Robot can get the right to join the nest 15th ROBO-ONE Championship in next spring. As MON-Star is a ROBO-ONE GP Robot, Cavalia got the right. One more the right which get the regional robot was given to Yogoroza as Daigakku from Nagoay region.

The topic of this Robofight, SRC robot `Daigakku` defeated Yogoroza, one of the 4 strong robots called four god machine in West Japan. `Daigakku` also defeated Automo 03 one of strong robot in Kyushu District. Of course, the winner of SRC was Daigakku. Mr.Akitsuka, pilot of Daigakku told that the robot has a new structure and the mechanisam will open in his robot club`s web site in Daidou Tec. College. The video Daigakku vs Yogoroza and Daigakku vs Automo 03 are as follows:

Daigakku vs Yogoroza

Automo 03 vs ダイガック
Daigakku vs Automo 03

Nov 9, 2008

Robot Battle Competition in Waseda University (Nov 3, 2008)

Robot battle competition sponsored Waseda University Robot Club was carried out at Takanobaba ( JR Yamanote Line) , Tokyo on Nov. 3rd, 2008.

Fifteen robots, Mr. Boon, Rvie-K, KRS-2, Sekito, Deshumit, Aonori3, BLACK TIGER NEO, Danball, Perseus, MetalArthur, DeCarle, Ryuki2, Gram, etc. joined the competition. BLACK TIGER NEO and Rvie-K were autonomous controlled and others were radio controlled.

At first each robot demonstrated its characteristics then tournament battle stared at 11:30 am . The winner was Aonori3 (KIMURA). The 2nd place was MetalArthur (Shounan Tech. Univ.), the 3rd place was Gram (Shibaura Tech. Univ.). The final round video is as follows:

Aonori3 vs MetalArthur

Nov 8, 2008

Wandahoo Robot Carnival Petit in Soka (Nov 2, 2008)

Robot competition, "Wandahoo Robot Carnival Petit" in Soka Fusasara Festival, sponsored by Mr. Ishikawa was carried out at Souka City, Saitama Prefecture on Nov. 2nd, 2008.

Twenty-four robots joined the competition. Three types game, 2m foot race, pushing or pulling basket with full goods and getting cubs(team game) were carried out.

The competition stared at 11:30 am. The winner was Sarga (Igaa). The 2nd place was EndlessSatobo (B-saku), the 3rd place was GY-Shiranui (Dr.GIY).

Robots were also divided into 2 teams, red team or white team. In the case of competition of two robots, winner robot team got points. The winning team was white team. Videos are as follows:

Garu vs Shiranui, 2 m foot race

Shiguma vs Endless-Satobo , 2 m foot race

Nagare-Yellow vs Fantom

Yakuma vs Gashaperion, 2m foot race

MetalArthur vs MecabonBRX, Basket carrying race

Nagare-Black vs Aerostriker, Basket carrying race

Nagare-Yellow vs Fantom, Basket carrying race

Shiguma vs Endless-Satobo, Basket carrying race

Shiranui vs Garu, Basket carrying race

Gat vs Saga, Basket carrying race

Nagare-Yellow, Manui and Novagon vs Saga, Koyuki and Gashaperion, Team game getting cubs

Garu, GAT and Aerostriker vs Shiguma, Nagare-Black and Zerufa, Team game getting cubs

Kinopy, MetalArthur and VARIANT-1 vs Ryuuki2, Aonari3 and Manoio, Team game getting cubes

Oct 31, 2008

Robot Battle Competiton in Housei University (Nov 1, 2008)

Robot battle competition sponsored Housei University Electric Research Club was carried out at Higashikoganei ( JR Chuou Line) , Tokyo, on Nov. 1st 2008.

Eight robots, Aonori3, BLACK TIGER NEO, DeCarle, Shokora, HDR-01 Rollingpirani, HDR-2 Dorirer, HDR-Luckystar, WEASEL joined the competition. Just BLACK TIGER NEO was autonomous controlled and others are radio or wired control.

The competition by Swiss tournament stared at 11:30 am . The winner was DeCarle (DOURAKU). The 2nd place was Aonori3(KIMURA), the 3rd place was BLACK TIGER NEO (IKETOMU). Videos are as follows:

DeCarle(radio control)vs HDR-04 Luckystar(wire control)

Syokora(radio control) vs HDR-01 Rollingpyrani(radio control)

BLACKTIGER NEO(autonomous)vs WEASEL(radio control)

BLACKTIGER NEO(autonomous)vs Syokora(radio control)

DeCarle(radio control)vs Aonori3(radio control)

HDR-01 Rollingpyrani(radio control)vs WEASEL(radio control)

BLACK TIGER NEO(autonomous)vs HDR-04 Luckystar(wire control)

Syokora(radio control)vs HDR-02 Dorilar(wire control)

Aonori3(radio control)vs WEASEL(radio control)

DeCarle(rado control)vs HDR-01 Rollingpyrani(radio control)

BLACK TIGER NEO(autonomous)vs HDR-02 Drilar(wire control)