Nov 9, 2008

Robot Battle Competition in Waseda University (Nov 3, 2008)

Robot battle competition sponsored Waseda University Robot Club was carried out at Takanobaba ( JR Yamanote Line) , Tokyo on Nov. 3rd, 2008.

Fifteen robots, Mr. Boon, Rvie-K, KRS-2, Sekito, Deshumit, Aonori3, BLACK TIGER NEO, Danball, Perseus, MetalArthur, DeCarle, Ryuki2, Gram, etc. joined the competition. BLACK TIGER NEO and Rvie-K were autonomous controlled and others were radio controlled.

At first each robot demonstrated its characteristics then tournament battle stared at 11:30 am . The winner was Aonori3 (KIMURA). The 2nd place was MetalArthur (Shounan Tech. Univ.), the 3rd place was Gram (Shibaura Tech. Univ.). The final round video is as follows:

Aonori3 vs MetalArthur

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