Feb 21, 2013

The 7th KONDO LAND Multi-Legged Robot Obstacle Race (Dec 22, 2012)

The 7th KONDO LAND Multi-Legged Robot Obstacle Race took place at ROBOSPOT in Akihabara, Tokyo on Dec 22, 2012.

Eight multi-legged  robots joined the race.   Robot joined were Garutan (Kumama), Metallic Vaio 2012 (Morinaga), Milfy (Matsuo), BLACK TIGER L44 (IKETOMU), WaniWani (KENTA), Hakurou (HERO@Musen-ken), Echo (Yuya) and Dark Liger (Moriken).

A new additional attraction was added in the 7th KONDO LAND because 3 robots cleared 6 attractions in the 6th KONDO LAND.  The 7th attraction is stairs with gate on the last stair.  The gate opens for 15 seconds by pushing the botton in the goal floor as following the picture.  

Robot has to go up staris within 15 seconds.Metallic Bio 2012 tried to going up the stars, however it was very hard to go up the stairs.

The  7th KONDO LAND Multi-Legged Robot Obstacle Race Results

Each robot had twice real time record race.  In the 7th KONDO LAND Obstacle Race, no robots clear the course within 3 minutes and no robots charenged the 7th attractions. 

The 1st place was Garutan, the 2nd place was WaniWani.  The MVP was also Garutan custom-built by Kumama-san and Kupapa-san. Garutan was attached a camera system and was controlled through camera in the motan-house. 

Details of the 7th KONDO LAND were described Sanzai-san`s blog  (in Japanese).  The result was described here. The best race video of each robot was as follows;

Garutan, 4-legged robot with camera system by Kumama-san. The 2nd place.

DeAGOSTINI Has Issued `Weekly Robi` with Biped Robot Parts of Robi (Feb 19, 2013)

DeAGOSTINI has issued weekly magazine, `Weekly Robi` with biped robot parts of Robi on Feb 19th, 2013.  The issue was announced in TV commercial on the day.  Robi parts are attached every weekly magazine.   Robot will complete with 70 volumes of magazine. The first issue price is 790 yen including tax. Price of the 2nd issue will be 1990 yen.  The issue attached control board will be 4,990 yen.

Gingmag also introduced the issue of `Weekly Robi` in English.

Tomotaka Takahashi who is well known as robot creator such as CHROINO, FT, ROPID, EVOLTA etc., designed Robi. 

Control board of Vstone Co., Ltd is used for the robot.   Servo motors of Futaba Corporation are used with 20 axes.  Voice-recognizing board and Human-detect-sensor are also attached.  The weight is 1 kg including battery and the height is 340 mm.

DeAGOSTINI  issued weekly magazine, `Weekly Robi` with biped robot parts of Robi on Oct 30th, 2012.  DeAGOSTINI also issued weekly magazine, `Weekly ROBO XERO` with robot parts of ROBO XERO on Feb 8th, 2011.  Robot has completed with 70 volumes of magazine on June, 2012 and the details were described in this blog.

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