Feb 28, 2012

The 10th Robot Survival Game at Mokei-juku, Tokyo (Feb.26, 2012)

The 10th Robot Survival Game took place at Mokei-juku in Tokyo on Feb. 26, 2012.

Robot Survival Game was planned by Tanaka-san and Bishii-san. Mobile, not only multi-legged robot or biped robot but also mobile with wheel or caterpillar, which equipped with toy gun, hit sensor and camera system, can join to play survival game.  The 1st Robot Survival Game took place at Akihabara, Tokyo on July 19, 2010 and the game takes place every 2 months. Tanaka-san also planned several kind of survival game, such as Extermination Battle, Flag Battle and Fortress Battle.

Six robots joined the 10th Survival Game were divided into two teams, Gons-san Team and Noborizaka-san Team. Gons-san Team members were Denryu (Gons), BLACK TIGER L45 (IKETOMU) and Kani-kan (Kamiya). Noborizaka-san Team were Stallone (Noborizaka), Vanga (Igaa) and Benkei (Ohguma) .   All robot were controlled by camera system in all battles except for Battle Royal (Rumble Battle).

Feb 20, 2012

Okawara-Mecha Battle Tournament at INAGI MUNICIPAL iPLAZA, Tokyo (Feb. 18, 2012)

Okawara-Mecha Battle Tournament took place at INAGI MUNICIPAL iPLAZA, Tokyo on Feb. 18, 2012 during Exhibition of Works by Kunio Okawara, who is well known as a Mechanic Designer of Mobile Suit in the famous animation `MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM`.

Twenty-three robots joined the tournament. It was possible to order of the song when robot entered the ring. The main regulation for robots joined was to wear the exterior of Okawara works such as GUNDAM. Robot could use a gun and if the bullet from the gun hit the opponent, Robot got one-down. The other robot fight regulations were the same as the ROBO-ONE Tournament.

I think the most excelent robot was BERSERGA IMITATE custom-built by Igaa-san.

There were two good shaped Zaku Ⅱ, which were custom-built by Nagu-san and Kupapa-san.

The 1st stage, GUNDAM RGM-79 vs ZAKU Ⅱfor Char Aznable. The winner was ZAKU Ⅱ.

The 2nd stage, BERSERGA IMITATE vs MS-06F ZAKU Ⅱ. BERSERGA IMITATE shot gun, however miss the opponent. The winner was ZAKU Ⅱ.

The most amusing robot was Daidokoron which was character robot in Yater-Man. Daidokoron used a gun which hit opponent and got downs. The 1st stage, Yatta-Wan vs Daidokoron. The winner was Daidokoron .

Final Fight was carried out with 3 robots; ACGUY, Daidokoron and SD LAYZNER as Rumble Fight. The winner was ACGUY custom-built by Kumama-san, the 2nd place was Daidokoron by 3 Evils and the 3rd place was SD LAYZNER by Ishikawa-san.

Other videos were also uploaded in the YouTube IKETOMU Chennel.
IT media Gadget and Mynavi News also reported Okawara-Mecha Battle Tournament.

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Feb 1, 2012


ROBOT ATHLETE CUP 2012 JAN in HAMAGIN SPACE SCIENCE CENTER took place in Yokohama on Jan 29, 2012, which was sponsored by HAMAGIN SPACE SCIENCE CENTER and ROBOT ATHLETE CUP Executive Committee.

The purposes of ATHLETE CUP are development of robot technology and activation of robot market by providing robot builders and students with a place for exchanging information.

MANOI by KYOSHO, KHR series by KONDO KAGAKU CO., LTD. and Himejisoftworks Zero series which were on the market could join the competition. Revised these robots also could join.

Twenty robots joined 5 athletic competitions which were Dancing, Free Performance, Autonomous Beach Flag, Autonomous 20 m Foot Race and Radio Controlled 5 m Foot Race. Each competition winner got prize, twenty thousands yen except for Radio Controlled 5 m Foot Race (as Exhibition Race).

Competitions were carried out on the athletic field which was 7 m length and 1.8 m width punchcarpet (needlecarpet).  Results are shown in Robot Yuenchi Blog.

Radio Controlled 5 m Foot Race (Exhibition competition)

Four robots joined the competition. Each robot could run the 5 m course twice. The robot taken the best record was winner. The winner was BLACK TIGER β, KHR-1 revised robot by IKETOMU which best record time was 28.47 seconds. Dr. GIY's robot took 11.78 seconds, however he didn't have the right to get winner because of his excellent robot and skill. Video is each robot's best records of twice run.

Autonomous 5 m Beach Flag

Robot Beach Flag game is similar to human's one. Two robots start from start line and push down the pole sat at a distance of 5 m. The robot push down the pole at first is winner. The pole (for beach flag) is attached with 40kHz ultra sonic wave sender. As radio control is prohibited, all robots have to move autonomously. There is no limitation concerning sensor control board and sensors. Six robots joined to the competition.

It is necessary for winning the competition to reproduce the movement accurately. Because the winner is the robot could push down the pole at first in each game. The robot has to win each game. The Robot with best time is not always the champion. Videos were as follows;

Semifinal Match 1
Tokai University KHR3B vs Tokai University KHR4B. Each robots was using KCB-3WL for color image sensing of the pole color red.

Semifinal Match 2

For the 3rd Place Match
Tokai University KHR3B was using KCB-3WL for color image sensing of the pole color red.

Final Match
Iso-Ko Gardian vs Tokai University KHR4B.
The winner was `Iso-Ko Gardian`(Isoko Technical High School), using RCB-1 as sensor control board with ultrasonic wave sensors (USW) and PSD sensors. When the robot start, the USW sensor system was used and when the robot was in the short distance from the pole, the PSD sensor system was used.

On the other hand, Tokai University KHR4B detected the pole red color out of the course and lost the pole. It seemed to be necessary to remove the detect color around the course strictly when using of color sensing system.

Autonomous 20 m Foot Race

Two poles (for beach flag) attached with 40 kHz ultrasonic wave sender are put on the start line and the end line of Beach Flag course. Robot runs 2 rounds of 2 poles 5 m course for 20 m. Each robot can try three times and the best time robot is winner. Some markers such as color board, radio wave sender or light etc. for robot recognition of the course, can put around the course. Three robots joined the competition. Each the best record video of robot was as follows;

Tokai University KHR3B; Robot turned by color marker using KCB-3WL for color sensing.

Kanagawa University Robot; Robot turns by radio wave sender.

Tokai University KHR4B; The winner of the competition. Robot turned by color marker using KCB-3WL for color sensing.

Demonstration of Beach Flag by Multi-Legged Robot

ROBOT ATHLETE CUP Executive Committee announced that Multi-Legged ROBOT ATHLETE CUP as same as biped robot, also will take place one day in next May. Demonstrations of Beach Flag were carried out by 4-legged robot using ultrasonic wave sensors and PSD sensors.

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