Aug 23, 2017

The 1st Pla-Wrestling Robot Fight, Named After `Pla-Wres Sanshiro` took place in Kawasaki(Aug 19, 2017)

The 1st Pla-Wrestling Robot Fight sponsored by Ishikawa-san, took place at Sunpian Kawasaki in Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Pref. on Aug 19, 2017.   

The 1st Pla-Wrestling Robot Fight was named after a Japanese famous animation `Pla-Wres Sanshiro' published as a comic just 35 years ago in 1980s.   The book, 14 volumes have been published by Akita Publishing Co., Ltd. on the market.   The author, Jiro Ushi and Animator, Minoru Kamiya also attended the competition.

It is the work which junior high school student, Sanshiro Sugata, makes plastic wrestler robot incorporating micro-computer, named Juoumaru.  He joined the Pla-Wrestling competition with his robot and fights against a lot of  Pla-Wrestler robots.

The major regulation of the 1st Pla-Wrestling Robot Fight was as follows, just Pla-Wrestler robot on the comic or original character robot made for Pla-Wrestling fight could attend the competition.  Robot gets the game by fall with three counts or knockdown with ten counts.  Details of the regulation were described here.

Fifteen Pla-Wres Robot joined the 1st Pla-Wres Fight.    The 1st Pla-Wres Champion  was Bionickser by Igaa.  The 2nd place was Diener by Poka-tan. 

Sanzai-san reported the details with pictures as (1) , (2) in his blog (in Japasense).  Nacky also reported all joined robot's pictures in his blog.

Kazumichi Moriyama, an expert writer of robot reported  the 1st Pra-Wres Robot Fight  with pictures and videos, and also uploaded videos in his YouTube Channel as follows;

The 1st Round; 6th Game: Nagare-Gold vs King-Kanikan
The winner was Nagare-Gold.

The 1st Round; 7th Game: Bionickser vs Kingkyzer
The winner was Bio-Nickser.