Jun 5, 2013

Complete Fighting Robot Set 'Melissa Exceed Type G' was put on the market (June 5, 2013)

CRAFT HOUSE put 'Melissa Exceed Type G', a new completed robot set, on the market on June 5, 2013. The completed robot is a hyper-fighting robot consisted with parallel-linked leg set 'Mercury',  high power servo, KRS-4034HV as actuator and RCB-4HV as the control board.  About 30 motions for robot fight are installed to RCB-4HV.  The price is 580,000 yen (excluding tax).  It takes 3 weeks for shipping.

Features of 'Melissa Exceed Type G' are as follows:
1) 'Mercury' is a leg set using parallel-linked mechanism for KRS-4000 Series servo produced by KONDO CO. LTD. It makes a heavy robot body move with stability.
2) The actuator is high power servo, KRS-4034HV produced by KONDO CO. LTD.
3) Control board is RCB-4HV produced by KONDO CO. LTD., installed about 30 motions for robot fight.

The completed robot set is consisted with robot body, controller (VS-C3) and manual.  Battery and battery charger are excluding.

Specifications are as follows;
・Weight:2.7 kg
・Height:52 cm
・Control board:RCB-4HV
・Servo motor:KRS-4031HV ×1,  KRS-4034HV ×21
・Body:Melissa Body
・Leg flame:paralle-linked leg, Mercury
・Hand unit:Melissa Gripper
・Sole:carbon sole
・Shoulder roll axis:doble servo system
・Gyro sensor   x 2
・Accelero-sensor x1
・ICS speed:1.25 Mbps

Installed motions are as follows;
・basic position for fighting
・arm expanding to both sides
・battely out
・winning pose
・waking forward (slalom with 2 speed)
・waking backyard(slaloom)
・waking to the right for punching
・walking to the left for punching
・turning right
・turning left
・squatting position for defense
・standing up automatically
・loss of strength
・arm throw
・forward punching with right arm
・forward punching with left arm
・gripping with right hand
・gripping with left hand
・right punch
・left punch
・right throwing
・left throwing
・gripping right
・gripping left under
・gripping left under
・gripping right middle
・gripping left middle
・gripping for defense with right hand
・gripping for defense with left hand
・back throwing

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