Nov 29, 2009

`The 6th ROBO-ONE GATE IN INTERNATIONAL ROBOT EXHIBITION 2009` Robot Dancing Competition (Nov. 28, 2009)

`The 6th ROBO-ONE GATE IN INTERNATIONAL ROBOT EXHIBITION 2009` dance competition sponsored by ROBO-ONE entertainment exclusive office took place in Tokyo Big Sight, during INTERNATIONAL ROBOT EXHIBITION 2009 , on Nov. 28th, 2009.

ROBO-ONE GATE is biped robot competition which ROBO-ONE entertainment exclusive office manages. ROBO-ONE GATE has aimed toward the development of the biped robot competition which it can participate with ease even with the beginner, and the demand enlargement of humanoid hobby robot. The 1st to 4th ROBO-ONE GATE competitions were robot fight tournament and the 5th and 6th were changed to robot dancing competition. The preliminary event of the 14th ROBO-ONE tournament was Robot dancing. Robot dancing is expected to be a new popular robot competition.

Eight robot groups and 3 special guest robot groups joined the competition. There was no regulation except for biped robot. The dance match carried out by each robot dancing with each ordered song. After dancing, audience took a popular vote and judges also voted. The robot gotten a bigger applause was winner. The winner of the 6th competition got the right of joining the 17th ROBO-ONE tournament on March 21st, 2010.

The most impressed robot was Doka Harumi by Doka Project. The weight was about 15 kg. She danced very smooth and charming as a young girl. The champoion was `RyukiⅡ` by AZM LAB, danced `Joyful`Ikimonogakari. The 2nd place was `BLACK TIGER NEO` by IKETOMU danced `THRILLER` Michael Jackson.

The dancing of entry robot videos were as follows;

`A-R-SHI, Arashi` by waver (sound waver)

`INVOKE , T M Revolution` by Phantom-1 (BLACK)

`LOVE & JOY, Yuhi Kimura` by Doka Harumi (Doka Project)

`Thriller, Michael Jackson` by BLACK TIGER NEO (IKETOMU).
The 2nd Place of the 6th ROBO-ONE-GATE Dance competition.

`Joyful, Ikimonogakari` by Ryuki Ⅱ (AZM LAB).
The Champion of the 6th ROBO-ONE-GATE Dance competition.

The special guest player's dancing videos were as follows;

`TINYWAVE Special` by TINYWAVE (Sugiura Family)

`Kingrass Hoppers` by Manoi GO (MANOI Planning & Dr. GIY)

`Nichibu Tokotoko Special` by Tokotokomaru (Team Tokotoko)

Dance of BLACK TIGER NEO was also introduced in POPSCI.

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