Nov 22, 2009

The 13th Itabashi-Industry Fair Robot Contest in Itabashi-ku, Tokyo (Nov. 21st, 2009)

The 13th Itabashi-Industry Fair Robot Contest was carried out at the site of Itabashi-Industry Fair on Nov. 21st, 2009. The robot contest was sponsored by Kanto Robot Union consisted of four robot venture companies around Tokyo, which were Techno-road Co. Ltd., Asakusagiken , Pirkus, Inc. and MANOI Planning .

Twenty-one robots joined the contest. The preliminary event was a gymkhana (autocross). There were 3 poles and robots walked the course for 2 minutes. Side walking was prohibited. The order was depended on the number of rounds. It was remarkable regulation that walking in the squatting position was strictly prohibited. It was requested the nee angle always has to keep more than 90 °. This regulation was the first attempt of the competition. Even in the ROBO-ONE, the request was keeping more than 90 °excluding during raising the foot. It was hard regulation for robot builders.

The best record was 7 rounds(2min.8sec.98) by Saaga, the 2nd record was 5 rounds (2min.15sec.35) by Deshumit by GR2 and the 3rd record was Phantom (2min.30sec.42) by Black. Upper 8 places could join the final fight tournament.

The final fight tournament was carried out using the 17th ROBO-ONE rule. The winner was Gargoil-mini, got a prize of one hundred thousand yen, the second place was Garoo, got a prize fifty thousand yen and the 3rd place was Saaga, got thirty thousand yen. The detail are also described in Robot Watch.

The videos of preliminary event gymkhana were as follows;



Saaga, the best record

The videoes of the final fight tournament were as follows;
Quarterfinal match: Garoo vs Deshumit, the winner was Garoo.

Quarterfinal match: Ryuki2 vs Phantom, the winner was Ryuki2

Semifinal match: Groo vs Saaga, the winner was Garoo.

Semifinal match: Gargoil-mini vs Ryuki-2, the winner was Gargoil-mini.

For 3rd place match: Saaga vs Ryuki-2, the 3rd place was Saaga

Final match: Gargoil-mini vs Garoo, the winner was Gargoil-mini

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