Mar 22, 2010

The 17th ROBO-ONE Biped Robot Fight in Kawasaki ( March 21, 2010)

The 17th ROBO-ONE Biped Robot Tournament sponsored ROBO-ONE Committee, took place at Institute of Industrial Promotion Kawasaki Hall on Mar 21st, 2010.

Thirty-eight biped robots joined the tournament. Nineteen robots were winners of the local robot competition and 3 robots were from ROBO-ONE Light 1st, took place previous day. Ten robots were ROBO-ONE GP ( grand prix ) robot which was authorized by ROBO-ONE Committee as GP robot. Four robots from Korea and 2 robots from China also joined the tournament.

The major regulation in the 17th ROBO-ONE was the weight of robot, which was 3 kg or under 3 kg. Robot had to fight by just punching in the 1st stage of the tournament. Then roots had to fight by just throwing as Judo or wrestling in the 2nd stage and also had to use each different throwing pattern. From the 3rd stage ( quarterfinal match ) to final match, robots could fight punching and/or throwing.

The main change of body regulation was arms and body horizontal total length, which is changed from under 340 % to under 240% that of leg. The arm length is not changed under 120 % that of leg. As the result of new body regulation, there was a remarkable changing of leg structure of robot joined. A lot of joined robots used "parallel linked legs" which use frames that look like 2 parallelograms, one on top of the other. The merit of this structure is that it allows the robot builders to make larger robots that are not as heavy and that are more stable. That's because the builders want longer arms on their robots which can only be rule has been changed so that the distance between the tip of the left and right arms when open must not exceed 240% of the length of the legs (used to be 340%), the builders are eying to make taller robots without adding the weight.

Thirteen robots were using "parallel linked legs" in the best 16 robots. It was used by 6 robots in the quarterfinal match ( best 8 robots ) and 3 robots in the semifinal match ( best 4 robots ). Final match was carried out 2 robots with the leg structure. As the result, "parallel linked legs" seemed to be a major leg structure of ROBO-ONE tournament in the 3 kg and under 3 kg class.

The winner was Super Dygar Ⅱ by Hironochi, who also got a prize of one million yen. Super Dygar's palallel linked legs was used 'Murcury' which was developed by holypong and Kyushu Trainning Meeting members.

The second place was Neutrino by Hida-Kamioka High School. It was first time that high school students got the 2nd place in the ROBO-ONE tournament. The 3rd place was Garoo by Kumama. As the result, winner, 2nd and 3rd place robots were all custom-built with "parallel linked legs".

The tournament videos are as follows;

Semifinal match: Garoo vs Super DygarⅡ
The winner was Super DygarⅡ.

Semifinal match: Stromwaves Light 2 vs Neutrino
The winner was Neutrino.

For 3 rd place match: Garoo vs Stromwaves Light 2
The 3rd place was Garoo.

Final match: Super DygarⅡ vs Neutrino
The champion was Super Dygar Ⅱ and the 2nd place was Neutrino

The details were also described Sanzai's Blog and Game Watch by Moriyama.

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