Jan 10, 2010

U1K ( under 1 kg ) Robot Fight in Akihabara, Tokyo ( Jan 9, 2010 )

Robot Fight, "The 4th U1K, Under 1 Kg" sponsored by RT Co., Ltd. took place at RT Office in Akihabara, Tokyo on Jan. 9th, 2010. To expand the playing field, RT Co., Ltd. planed an Under 1 Kg biped robot competition. While the ROBO-ONE humanoids have set the standard under 1 kg at the 17th Championship on March 20, 2010.

The regulation of the biped robot body were as follows;
Weight: under 1 kg (including battery), Height: under 60 cm, Total axis: more than 15 ( arm with 6 servos, foot with 8 servos ), Sole size of foot: under 12 cm, Max wide length: under 60 cm, Robot control: wire, radio, IR control or autonomous.

The rule of the game were as follows; Field size: 90 cm square board, robot gotten 3 downs within 3 minutes was winner, robot gone down from the field was loser, robot could not stand up within ten counts was loser.

Fourteen robots attended the competition. As marketed robots, Robovie-nano, G-ROBOTS GR-001 , JO-ZERO are fitting the body regulation, based 6 Robovie-nanoes, 1 G-ROBOTS and 1 JO-ZERO joined the competition.

Joined 14 robots were divided into A and B preliminary leagues. Each league selected upper 2 robots which attend the final league. The final league was carried out with 4 robots. The winner was Soga, custum-built by Igaa. The 2nd place was Dumpy-kai, custom-built by Syousa. The 3rd place was Zaurer-nano, based Robovie-nano by Kenta.

Even in the U1K competition, there was a big difference among robot`s weight, the heaviest robot (YDH2500ban-Shakashaka) was 1 kg and the lightest robot (Koropokkur) was about 500 g. As the special prize for the weakest robot was JO-ZERO original parts, Koropokkur, custom-built by htnk.sp got the prize.

The video are as follows:

Preliminary League A. League A joined robots were Torajiro, Zaurer-nano, Kein-senyou Robovie-nano, TO, AlLmin, TDU-RZ and Fullmic. Winners were Zaurer-nano and Fullmic.

Preliminary League B (1) . League B joined robots were YDH2500ban-Shakashaka, Dampty-kai, Ikadesu・Wuing, BlackRabbit, Koropokkur, Shibutsu-1 and Soga. Winners were Dampty-kai and Soga.

Preliminary League B (2) . League B joined robots were YDH2500ban-Shakashaka, Dampty-kasi, Ikadesu・Wuing, BlackRabbit, Koropokkur、Shibutsu-1 and Soga. Winners were Dampty-kai and Soga.

The Final League. Final league joined rotots were Zaurer-nano, Fullmic, Dampty-kai and Soga. The winner was Soga, 2nd place was Dumpy-kai, 3rd place was Zaurer-nano.

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