May 15, 2014

KRS-2572HV, a new KONDO servo, will put on the market ( May 13, 2014 )

KONDO KAGAKU CO. LTD. announced a new high power servo, KRS-2572HV ICS for KHR-3HV, would put on the market. The servo will ship out and be gotten from KONDO web shop or other robot shops by the end of May. 

KHR-3HV is easily upgraded by changing two legs' servos.  User of KHR-3HV who wants to upgrade one's robot can get high torque servo easily.  Kondo uploaded the report of KHR-3HV conversion of KRS-2552RHV to KRS-2572HV.

Characteristics of the new servo are as follows:
1) The new servo is using special aluminum gears.
2) The servo case is the same size as the KRS-2552/2542HV series.
3) The new servo is control by ICS 3.5 which can use serial or PMW. 

Specifications are as follows:
Torque: 25 kg-cm (11.1V)
Speed: 0.13sec/60° (11.1V)
Maximum moving angle: 270°
Moving voltage: 9~11 V
Length: 41(H) ×21(W) × 30.5(D) mm
Weight: 47.7 g (excluding cable and servo-horn)
Attached Parts: Cable (300 mm), servo-horn is excluded
Controller:RCB-3HV, RCB-4HV, KCB-5 and RCB-3J(PWM only)
Price: One servo package is 11,000 yen (Excluding Tax)

KONDO also KRS-2500 series servos put on the market such as KRS-2552RHV ICS (torque: 14 kg-cm) and KRS-2542HV ICS (torque: 11kg-cm).

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May 4, 2014

The 20th Robot Survival Game at Mokei-juku, Tokyo (Apr 27, 2014)

The 20th Robot Survival Game took place at Mokei-juku in Tokyo on Apr. 27, 2014.   Seven robots as BLACK TIGER L46 (IKETOMU), Sakura-2gou (Yoshisda), Famitank (Ninagawa), Denryu (Gons), Stallone (Noborizaka), D-Tank (BW) and Hiryu (Koizumi) joined the 20th Survival Game.   All robots were controlled by camera system in all battles.

Sixteen Robot Survival Games such as 7 Combat Shooting, 2 Extermination Battle, 2 Flag Battle, 3 Tochka Battle and 2 Battle Royal (Rumble Battle) were carried out in the 20th. All games of videos were uploaded IKETOMU Channel and Noborizaka-san also uploaded videos.

Combat Shooting :
Combat shooting is a practice game for training of shoot skill.  Robot moves to the shooting place from the starting point and shoots the target. Robot has to go to the shooting place for easy shooting.  The target was a small can covered with aluminum foil in the 16th.  Shooting of the center place of the target got bonus points.

Combat Shooting: BLACK TIGER L46

Combat Shooting: Sakura-2gou

Combat Shooting: Denryu