Oct 31, 2008

Robot Battle Competiton in Housei University (Nov 1, 2008)

Robot battle competition sponsored Housei University Electric Research Club was carried out at Higashikoganei ( JR Chuou Line) , Tokyo, on Nov. 1st 2008.

Eight robots, Aonori3, BLACK TIGER NEO, DeCarle, Shokora, HDR-01 Rollingpirani, HDR-2 Dorirer, HDR-Luckystar, WEASEL joined the competition. Just BLACK TIGER NEO was autonomous controlled and others are radio or wired control.

The competition by Swiss tournament stared at 11:30 am . The winner was DeCarle (DOURAKU). The 2nd place was Aonori3(KIMURA), the 3rd place was BLACK TIGER NEO (IKETOMU). Videos are as follows:

DeCarle(radio control)vs HDR-04 Luckystar(wire control)

Syokora(radio control) vs HDR-01 Rollingpyrani(radio control)

BLACKTIGER NEO(autonomous)vs WEASEL(radio control)

BLACKTIGER NEO(autonomous)vs Syokora(radio control)

DeCarle(radio control)vs Aonori3(radio control)

HDR-01 Rollingpyrani(radio control)vs WEASEL(radio control)

BLACK TIGER NEO(autonomous)vs HDR-04 Luckystar(wire control)

Syokora(radio control)vs HDR-02 Dorilar(wire control)

Aonori3(radio control)vs WEASEL(radio control)

DeCarle(rado control)vs HDR-01 Rollingpyrani(radio control)

BLACK TIGER NEO(autonomous)vs HDR-02 Drilar(wire control)