Nov 14, 2008

Organization of “JSRC”( Standard Regulation Class Network of Japan) was announced at `Robofight` in Osaka( Nov 2-3, 2008)

Organization of JSRC(Japan Standard Class Robot Community) was announced by Mr. Iwaki during ‘Robofight`’( Nov 2-3, 2008) in Osaka.
In the robot competition of the network, the fuselage standard of the Standard Regulation Class (SRC) which has been adopted in the biped robot competition “Robofight” “Robogong” will be used. The SRC is also the class for builder who are remodeling kit robot or beginner with a kit robot in Robotforce.

The group which approves to network (the inside of the parenthesis is competition name) are 6 groups; Kyushu Robot Training Meeting (YOKA Robo Festival), Kagawa Humanoid Robot Workshop (Robo Country ), Chubu Robot Promoting Commission (RoBo☆CHAMP), Himeji Robo-Challenge Executive Committee (Himeji Robo-Challenge), ROBO-PRO (Robo-Pro Challenge Cup and Robo -Pro Station), Robotforce (Robofight and Robogong) .

From Nov 2008 to Jan 2009 , it decides each representative in the competition which the above-mentioned group sponsored. The Championship of the representatives will be held on Jan 11th 2009, the day of “Robogong 9th” in Osaka.

Features of the JSRC standard are marketing robot kit based standard, limitation of number of using large torque servo, limitation of the fuselage size and looser weight limitation.

The reason of “marketing robot kit based standard” is to increase the participation of robot user. The reason of “the restriction of the number of using large torque servo” is to control of power competition and cost in builder. The reason of “ setting of the upper limit of fuselage size” is easy to join the competition for the beginner. The difference from other competition standard is the “looser weight limitation”. The reason is to leave the margin of development or improvement. If weight limitation is so hard, trying new idea sometimes makes weight over. Therefore, the room is given conversely in regard to weight.

Concerning the main body regulation of SRC as follows.
*Weight :Below 2.9kg
*Size :Within height 40cm , front to back 60cm, left to right 60cm
*Sole size :The marketing robot (KHR-1&2, ROBONOVA-I and RB-1000 etc) and in case of its remodelling robot, the larger one those of genuine products or ROBO-ONE lightweight class (below 2kg) is adopted. In the case of the original robot, that of the latest ROBO-ONE lightweight class (below 2kg) is adopted. The qualification test would not be done.
*Servo :30 or less 9 or more. In addition in case of either the marketing robot, the remodelling robot or the original robot, the number of servo with torque of 13kg cm or more is 5 or less.

Biped robot hobbyist could be divided into four class, the 1st class builders have original robots for example ROBO-ONE GP, the second class builder have original robots with high torque servos, the third class builder have kit based robots or remodeled robots using several high torque servos and the forth class are beginners with kit robots marketing.

ROBO-ONE and almost other robot competitions have only open class and did not divide the class as standard class and open class. There were not standard class except for ‘Robofight’ and ‘Robogong’ produced by Mr. Iwaki. Therefore, the third class robot builder could not win the competition because of the difference of power of the robot. As the standard class includes the third class and the forth class, JSRC is expected to increase the opportunity joining the competition for builders who are remodeling the robot kit or beginner with kit robot.

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