Nov 14, 2008

`MELISSA`, new robot parts sets for KRS-4000 series were put on the market (Nov 14, 2008)

CRAFT HOUSE put `MELISSA`, new robot parts set, on the market on Nov. 14, 2008. MELISSA is KRS4000 Series Standard Model, just for using the servo produced for biped robot by KONDO CO. LTD. New kits are consisted of just parts, excluded servo and control board.

Feature of MELISSA is as follows
1)MELISSA is consist of parts which on the market. Most flame parts are produced by ITO REINETSU . So the part of `MELISSA` easily get another shop except for body and leg.
2)The Leg size is 15 cm short length, and it makes robot gravity lower. Lower gravity makes robots walk stable.
3)The height is 34 cm, the same size that of KHR-2 from KONDO CO. LED. It makes the robot handle easy.
4)The kit has similar proportion of human. `MELISSA` has a body yaw axis and an arm axis, so those make the motion of robot like human.
5)Upgrading is easy by exchanging the servo to high torque servo, because the flame fits KRS4000 series servo.
6)`MERISSA` is just parts set, so robot builder can make another robot using their surplus servo and parts with the kit. The parts of `MELISSA` for example, body or legs, also get from Hobby Robot site of CRAFT HOUSE.

`MELISSA` is suitable for Standard Regulation Class (SRC) which is limited number of high torque servo as five. `MELISSA `could use 5 servos fully, because it has a body yaw axis. Robot builder also could change the joint easily which high torque servo used. If builder want to make the SRC robot to Open Regulation Class (ORC), he just changes to the high torque servo by his budget. `MELISSA` seems to be not suitable for beginners, because the kit has not sample motions like KHR series. Furthermore, it is necessary to use some high torque servo because of its heavier weight compared with that of KHR-2.

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