Apr 11, 2018

The 3rd ROBO-ONE auto, Autonomous Biped Robot Fight Tournament (Feb 24, 2018)

Footrace of 4.5 m as the preliminary ROBO-ONE Light 16th and ROBO-ONE 32nd Tournament also took place on Feb 24th .   Video on Feb 24 was uploaded YouTube ROBO-ONE channel.     And the final tournament video of the 16th ROBO-ONE Light and the 32nd ROBO-ONE taken place on Feb 25 was also uploaded ROBO-ONE channel.

The major regulation of the 3rd ROBO-ONE auto were just autonomous robot could join the tournament and the weight of robot, which was 5 kg or under.  Details of the body regulation were described in the 32nd ROBO-ONE, the 16th ROBO-ONE Light Regulation and the 3rd ROBO-ONE auto (in English).  Side punch has been prohibited since ROBO-ONE 23rd Tournament in the robot fight.

Twenty-six robots joined the competition.  Autonomous 4.5 m footrace  was carried out as the preliminary ROBO-ONE auto 3rd.  Upper 16 rotbots including seeded robot could join the final tournament.  Just 12 robots could arrive at the goal within 1 minute.   The 1st place of the autonomous footrace was KOBIS in 10.40 seconds, the 2nd place was Metallic Fighter in 12.04 seconds and the 3rd place was RP.KIM, DONGHYEON in 17.01 seconds.  Autonomous 4.5 footrace video is here.

Autonomous 4.5 m footrace the 1st place KOBIS on the  bule course

The tournament winner was  HAM SIHOON custom-built by YELLOWTOOTH, the 2nd place was  King Puni by Osaka Sangyo University Puni, the 3rd place was HAM JIYUN by BLUETOOTH and the 4th place was HYUN MOORIM by REDTOOTH.   Result of the tournament is here.

 Otsuka-san uploaded videos of the 3rd ROBO-ONE auto to his YouTube Channel as follows;  

The 1st Round: King Puni vs HKOBIS
The winner was King Puni.

Quaterfinal:HYUN MOORIM vs Gerifalte
The winner was HYUN MOORIM.

Final:HAM SIHOON vs King Puni
The winner was HAM SIHOON.

The 1st ROBO-ONE auto took place on Feb 25, 2017 and the 2nd ROBO-ONE auto on Feb 25, 2017.   The details were reported in this blog.

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